On 'Homeland,' Will Carrie & Quinn Find Out Who Drugged Her? They're Too Smart Not To

Carrie Mathison on Homeland does not like to be tricked — and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Dennis Boyd are about to find that out the hard way. Dennis swapped out her medication (which is a far worse deceit than being just "tricked") on the orders of the ISI, so will Carrie and Quinn figure out who drugged her? Based on a clip from the Nov. 16 episode "Halfway to a Donut," it looks like she is going to recruit Quinn to solve the mystery. Time for the CIA sleuthing to begin!

Now, I felt pretty guilty about this terrible turn of events for Carrie since I have been saying she kind of deserves something bad to happen to her. I mean, she has had it coming to her the entire Season 4 (when was the last time she even thought about her baby?!) But the thing about Carrie is, she's brilliant. Absolutely genius. That's one of the reasons we can still cheer for her even when she pretty much handed Aayan his death sentence after seducing him. She leaves no stone unturned and now that a wrong has been done to her, I'm ready for her to go into full-Carrie mode again. There's no way she believes she just spiraled out of control and I have complete faith that she'll start piecing the puzzle together — which could even lead her to finding Saul. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

And from the video below, we see she's not taking a moment to recover from her drugging and getting Quinn involved with this security breach right away. (Go team, Carrie-Quinn!)

Homeland on YouTube

Although I may not want any romance between these two right now, they make an amazing CIA team. And considering that Nov. 9's episode "Redux" was the first time I actually cheered for Lockhart, I'm even OK with the fact that Carrie wants him to get involved. Not only is it the right thing to do (he is her boss after all), I'm pretty sure he's going to be super pissed. Because as much as a pain in the ass as Carrie can be for him, she is excellent at her job. And Lockhart already is playing hardball with the ISI in order to get their cooperation to find Saul, so he's not going to be happy about Carrie being messed with. He just better stay take-no-prisoners Lockhart and not I'm-a-total-douche-bag Lockhart. (Although now I'm a baby bit concerned Lockhart is taking his treason to a whole new level and actually has involvement with the ISI. It would be a shocking twist, but since it's Homeland, it wouldn't be too shocking.)

Now, before Carrie can get Quinn and Lockhart to help her, you may be wondering: How the hell did Carrie even get out of the arms of Brody aka Aasar Khan? The below clip shows her at his house still.

Homeland on YouTube

As handsome and smooth-talking as Khan is, Carrie is no fool. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for long enough to know how her body responds to medications. We've seen her go through a few breakdowns (some self-induced to get intel, others from when she stopped taking her medication) to know that she has experience with changing up her medication. So, she knows there is something else at play here and that Khan must be involved.

By the nice-guy act he is doing, I'm assuming he lets her leave on her own freewill. But that doesn't mean her hyper-intelligent mind isn't spinning all of the facts to know he is absolutely involved. Now, she just needs to discover that the ambassador's husband is the one who is actually doing all of the dirty work. And can we just focus on how lax the security seems to be in the embassy? Aren't there cameras in the hallway outside of the station chief's room? How come Dennis can keep going in there willy-nilly? (I immediately regret my use of the term "willy-nilly." Apologies all around.)

Regardless of the security, Dennis is not the master spy he thinks he is, so I just can't wait until Quinn and Carrie figure out he's behind this. And even better — when his wife Martha finds out.

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime