Tom Hiddleston + Cats = Everything You'd Ever Want

Remember last week when Kim Kardashian tried to #BreakTheInternet? OK, I don't know how anyone could forget, since no one could stop talking about her Paper magazine cover after it went viral. Here at Bustle, we have another way to win over the Internet. No, we're not competing with Kim. We've just discovered the perfect formula to deliver what everyone online has been dying to see. Everybody's favorite Marvel actor/feminist/human-being + everybody's favorite furry creature = Internet explosion. Yup, I'm talking about combining Tom Hiddleston with cats. Genius, right?! After all, these are the most common online obsessions and they really just complement each other.

Purrsonally, I consider myself more of a dog person, but even I can't resist these cute kittens. If you're unsure how you feel about this idea, just give it a chance. Try scrolling down, and if the first few photos don't cause a huge grin to spread across your face, I will be shocked... or I may think you have no soul. But either way, view it as a challenge to yourself.

Can you make it through all these Tom Hiddleston cat photos without even a slight smile? Keeping reading and let’s find out:

Why so serious?

Look at those faces. I would not want to mess with them. Can that cat be in the next Thor movie?

What's better than one cat?

Two, of course! Here he's dreaming of multiple feline friends.

Another Cat

Oh wait, something went wrong here. I mean, I guess it's OK since Ariana Grande is practically a cat now (or at least seems like it with those headbands).

Justing Posing

There's something very Swiftian about this one. By that, I mean it looks like the photos of Taylor Swift holding her cat, Olivia Benson.

Dinner Date

Look how genuinely happy Hiddleston is to be hanging out with this cat. It's like a meow-tch made in heaven. (Shh! I know that pun was a bit of a stretch, but I tried.)

So there you have it! Scientific proof that photos of Tom Hiddleston with cats is exactly what the Internet needed. You're welcome, everybody!

Images: Getty Images