A Real Life 'Harry Potter' College is Taking Applicants Plus 5 Films That Need Their Own Schools

Here's a bit of good news for Harry Potter fans who thought the spectacle-wearing wizard's heroic adventures ended with the deadly hunt for horcruxes. Taking classes at a real, live Hogwarts will soon be a possibility. Per MTV, a live-action role playing game based on the popular film franchise will take place when the Czocha College of Wizardry opens next April. It will take place in Poland's Czocha Castle and there's even a website for prospective attendees.

No word on what enrollment requirements will entail (Are owls, books, brooms and robes included in tuition costs?), but this such a cool idea that I can only hope the curriculum requires students to master the art of spell-casting, suspending objects in mid-air, executing the famous Patronus charm, as well as learning and applying the fundamental techniques of Quidditch. Honestly, I'm just not that into LARPing, but there are hordes of people who, unlike myself, have the commitment it takes to fully immerse themselves in a film character, so I could see how this College of Wizardry idea could morph into an international thing and encourage supporters of other huge film franchises to follow suit.

I won't be a LARPer anytime soon, but hopefully the community will consider this list of five film franchises that deserve their own colleges:

Star Wars

C'mon Star Wars fans. Show everyone how much you loved The Force Awakens trailer.

The Avengers

Reduced tuition for anyone who even remotely resembles Chris Hemsworth.


Any film franchise that is labeled as "bitchin'" deserves its own LARP college, STAT. Plus, the costumes would be incredible.


This would probably be the friendliest LARP school on this list. Details on Frozen 2 are still sketchy, but rest assured that this school would welcome great singers, snowmen and ice queens.


This LARP school may be a little overcrowded and in need of security because those Twihards are serious about their allegiances. Just ask Emma Roberts.

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