5 Winter Bridal Themes That'll Enchant You

by Courtney Mina

I never used to love winter. In fact, I never really even liked it. Truthfully, there was a time when I used to loathe the season with every single fiber of my being. I lived in a barn-turned-house for a year once, and whilst I was there, I had the most visceral, intimate and relentless relationship with winter of my life. Inside the house, all I had was a tiny, little wood-burning-stove to keep me (and the rest of the house) warm. I had to go out and gather kindling and firewood from the woods as fuel to keep said stove burning, and suffice to say, it was the coldest, most gruelingly difficult experience ever (I'm definitely a city girl by blood). I felt winter's icy, unforgiving sting every single morning, and would find myself shivering and trying everything in the world I could to keep warm during the day (which included drinking hot tea pretty much constantly and wearing woolen socks and layers I only took off to bathe). Yet, something happened to me after having that bohemian-country-winter experience. Suddenly, the season and all its chilliness stopped seeming so bad.

In the time since, I have learned to not only like winter, but to love it. I appreciate the delicious food we eat when we are more or less hibernating. I love the beautiful, dead-silence of fallen snow over the trees and ground. But most of all, I love the winter fashion . There is something just so romantic about winter, isn't there? And the more I think about just how stunning, elegant, and intimate the colder months can be, the more I think about how gorgeously inspiring it would be to have a winter wedding.

Now, I know that summer is usually the season for weddings. It's the most popular, and I totally get why — the warm weather, the contagious happiness the sunlight inspires, having parties outside, the luscious colors of nature in the summer — it's all wonderful. But there's something truly whimsical, romantic, intimate and ethereal about having a wedding in winter. The tinted blue light, the beauty and purity of the white fallen snow (and a bride walking through said snow), the romantic addition of sleeves and layers and furs — it's simply enchanting. And I have to admit that I am completely converted on the idea of a winter wedding. And after you see these five different winter bridal themes, you may find yourself longing for (and planning) one as well:


Totally taking inspiration from Elsa from Frozen , having an Ice Queen themed wedding would be stunning, to say the least. This gorgeously blue-embroidered dress from Elie Saab completely captures the theme of Ice Queen Bride, something Elsa would totally wear for herself. Imagine this dress accompanied by a glittering tiara, and other blue and white hues with dazzling crystal accents for your frozen-winter-palace inspired wedding party and reception. Simply stunning.


Usually when you hear the word "bohemian" you think of summer — but I'm here to completely change that and make you think of the wonderful winter possibilities "bohemian" has to offer. Instead of the beach, think woodland . I stumbled upon this absolutely breathtaking winter-woodland-bohemian bridal-wear (styled by Tanya Grimson and photographed by Agata Stoinska), and completely fell in love. The combinations of the bridal gowns layered with the Russian-inspired coats and furs are truly magical. One can imagine decorating with candles and laturns, and having the bride and groom ride away on reindeer to a festive fairytale cabin with a huge fire o'roaring, and drinks a-pourin!


On her wedding day, every bride is a queen. So why not dress the part? When I saw Mary, Queen of Scots styled for her wedding day on the much-loved show Reign , I gasped and awed and completely fawned over how gorgeous she looked as a Bride Queen. The Monique Lhuillier lace gown with long sleeves, tight bodice and full skirt, accompanied by the crown and veil — well, nothing could be more worthy of a royal bride. This theme would be absolutely perfect for a winter wedding. Imagine everyone being dressed up luxuriously, with lots of rich and luscious decorations, low-lit candles in candelabras, and goblets filled with wine — it would be such a royal affair.


Having your wedding in summer is so mainstream. And because you're all about breaking the rules and going against popular trends, why not add a little plaid to your hipster-winter-wedding theme? The bride above wears a little fitted coat of plaid over her wedding dress, which would be absolutely gorgeous whilst sitting at a bridal party table, set with plaid tablecloths and decorated with white candles wreathed in winter evergreen. It's the perfect way to have an absolutely beautiful rustic wedding with a more hipster flare (not all weddings have to scream summer or fancy-pants, you know).


There is always something so beautiful about a vintage-themed bride — the look is timeless, even when out of it's time. One can only imagine the thrill, luxury and elegance of a Gatsby-inspired wedding in winter. Parties in the early 1900s were always the most showy, intimate of affairs, and nothing says showy and intimate more than a Gatsby-inspired winter wedding. Throw on a vintage fur stole over a gorgeous vintage dress, serve lot's of champagne, and you have yourself a Gatsby-worthy wedding that's sure to lure anyone into the wonders that is winter.

Images: Flickr; Giphy (5); Twitter (5)