6 Feminist Kid Moments That Ruled 2014, From the Potty Mouth Princesses to Mo'Ne Davis Showing Us What It Means to Throw Like a Girl

A lot of great things happened this year, and feminism coming to the forefront of the social eye was one of them. From feminism being a main topic in the media to celebrities coming out in support of women's rights, it was all pretty spectacular. But just when you think you've seen everything? Well, there's always more to see. While both men and women kicked some major butt for feminists this year, it's fair (and surprising) to say that children pulled their weight on the issues too. In fact, the kiddos were so great at making a stand this year that I've rounded up the six most awesome kid-filled feminist moments from 2014 for your viewing (and educational) pleasure below. Get excited.

Cultural and social behavior change with time, and with the next generation being responsible for how the world will run itself in future years, it makes me beyond happy to see these little girls already aware of the stereotypes and stigmas of being a woman... and breaking them. Whether it's putting a Disney character in his place, talking about periods, or promoting the idea of women scientists and engineers, it takes some serious feminists to have moments like these. And that's just what they are. They may be little, but as you'll see, their ideas are big.

1. The Little Girl Who Yelled at Gaston at Disney World

JonasAlmostFamous on YouTube

Is there anyone more chauvinistic than Gaston? You know, the bulked-up, greasy, oh-so-vain antagonist of Beauty and the Beast? Yeah, that guy. And no, there's not anyone more chauvinistic than him. This little girl completely agrees, and she makes her distaste for him apparent in this viral video. There's no way he's ever getting Belle. Never ever.

2. Mo'ne Davis Won the Little League World Series Game

Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Mo'ne Davis is the Little League's first female pitcher to win a World Series game, and that kind of gave new meaning to the expression "throw like a girl." Sports have always been part of a male-dominated world, and that's why seeing a girl breaking barriers so early in the game (pun, guys) is one of the coolest things to happen this year. Did we mention she's only 13? You go girl.

3. The Little Girl Who Slammed Tesco for "Boy Toys"

Who said that girls don't like action heroes? Well whoever it was, he was very wrong. And this seven-year-old girl thinks so too. The look of disappointment on her face seems completely fair considering Tesco's advertisement approach: "Fun gifts for boys." Girls like superhero alarm clocks too. You tell them, sister!

4. The Potty Mouth Princesses Cursing in the Name of Feminism

There's no way you missed the Potty Mouth Princesses unless you've been managing to live under a rock for the past two months. You do not want to get on these princesses' bad sides. They may be saying words you never expected to hear come out of a child, but it can't be denied that it's their language that brings attention to much bigger feminist issues at play in the world. Tricky, tricky. Nice work.

5. Hello Flo Made a Period Video That Wasn't Afraid to Go There

HelloFlo on YouTube

It's the period commercial that we all wish existed when we were growing up. It's funny, it's outspoken, and it's red. Forget discreet tampon commercials (periods aren't blue), and welcome forth the best pre-teen period commercial yet. It may be scripted, but it's still a feminist moment, sparkly red nail polish and all. We are women, and we can talk about periods all we want.

6. GoldieBlox Ruled the Superbowl Commercials


With the Superbowl being a mostly male-dominated televised event, it can make for some serious feminist battleground... and the girls in the GoldieBlox toy commercial dominated it this year. In the ad, dozens of young girls gather up their stereotypical pink "girl toys" and create a rocket ship out of them. Gangster.

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