13 Looks from Taylor's 'Style' Music Video, Ranked

Taylor Swift's outfits are consistently #flawless these days and her new-found style confidence has been reflected in her recent music videos. Remember all the gorgeous looks in from the "Blank Space" vid? Perfection. Taylor Swift's video for "Style" dropped today, and with a title like that she had to prove she knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty. In the four minute clip you can see that "red lip classic thing that you like," along with a ton of other stylish looks.

When she came on to the music scene in 2006 with her first, self-titled album, Swift's natural beauty mesmerized us. She had beautiful blue, almond-shaped eyes, a perfect pout and natural curls that quickly turned her into every girl's hair icon. Then she moved to New York, invited fans to a party in her apartment, started hanging out with models, revamped her look, and became everyone's fantasy best friend (including mine.)

Since then, we have seen Swift's personal style adapt into a sophisticated, fun and natural beauty look. She's rarely seen without a red lip and a cat eye, not to mention the ubiquitous crop top/skirt co-ord that she's been known to rock on many occasions. Not only has her music transformed from country, to pop, to alternative, but her style has definitely changed in her nine years in the limelight. Take a look at this official ranking of the looks in Swift's "Style" music video.

1. Natural Taylor

My favorite look from her music video overall has got to be this ultra natural, fresh-faced moment. This looks so candid, like a clip from one of Swift's recent vacations that made it's why into the video. She just looks so genuinely happy — and in a pink lip, instead of of that "red lip classic!"

2. That Bun, Though

Nowadays, we constantly see tips on how to create the perfect "messy" top-knot, but Taylor reminds us the classic mid-height bun is still in-"Style." (those puns might keep up throughout the rest of this article. I can't help it.) And does this mean the 90's hair-strings-hanging-at-the-side-of-our-face trend is back? Does Amanda Bynes know?

3. Red Lip Classic Looks Good on Everyone

"Because we never go out of style, we never go out of style."

4. Paper Airplane Necklace?

Can you spot the (incredibly chic) Harry Styles reference? This is definitely providing some inspiration for my future Etsy searches.

5. When You're That Pretty... internally combust? You can't see Swift here much, obviously, but I love her elegant, almost ballerina-esque stature.

6. Elvis (Hair) Lives

This revelation is for the guys. Taylor Swift's man-friend in this video is rocking the Elvis pompadour and I am not mad about it.

7. So This is the Red Lip Classic

This wouldn't be a T-Swift video without a glam cat-eye and, yes, that red lippy.

8. She Grew Wings Because She's an Angel, Duh

I'm loving capes this season, but I love the wings on shirts even more. Especially wings with eyes on them. This look is a little odd, but my dog has one blue eye and one brown eye, so I can't complain.

9. Polka Dots Forever & Always

I'm not sure another trend embodies Swift's style as well as polka dots, which are the definition of playful sophistication.

10. Lightening Romper

The racerback and the lightening bolts make this romper seem just a bit edgier than most of Taylor's looks.

11. That Time She Turned Into a Forest-Princess

My heart can't handle how beautiful this looks, but this isn't a vibe you can exactly DIY.

12. Who Is This Guy?

And where can I find one?

13. Um, Are Those Bra Straps?

This comes in last because normally visible bra straps are a fashion no-no, especially when they are a completly different color than the shirt. But if Taylor's doing it, does that mean it's OK? Does this mean everything I've ever known has been a lie? Either way, it's definitely the worst look in the video.

Images: Getty; "Style" Screengrabs (13)