I'm Hopelessly Devoted To The Travolta/Menzel GIF

What the 87th Academy Awards lacked in record-breaking selfies, it made up for in tighty whities, Lego statuettes, and highly GIF-able moments. And darn if I am not a sucker for a good GIF! My favorite from Sunday night's broadcast? As much as I freaked out over dream duo Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez cheering during Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech, the 2015 Oscars GIF that secured a spot in my heart is the GIF of when John Travolta gently grabbed Idina Menzel’s chin before the pair handed out the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Travolta held on a little too long, Menzel's smile never wavered, and lots of eye contact was established. I love me an awkward interaction, and this was a capital-A Awkward interaction. I can't stop looking at it.

Is this my new favorite GIF of all of the GIFs in GIFland? Has the Travolta/Menzel chin grab GIF ousted the GIF of Ariana Grande flying across the arena in a bubble chair at the EMAs? Eh, jury’s still out. I will say this: It's definitely in my top 5 GIFs.

When should one use the Travolta/Menzel chin grab GIF? Oh, there are plenty of everyday scenarios that this GIF fits to a T. Next time you're emailing about/blogging about/tumblring about/texting about any of the following situations, may this be the droid, er, GIF you're looking for.

When your roommate is about to leave for a first date and you're pretty sure he/she has something nasty in his/her teeth:

When someone admires your perfect pores:

When your significant other passes gas but refuses to 'fess up to it:

When your friend tries to tell you about the dream he/she had last night but you could not care less:

When you're certain there is a bug in someone's hair and you want him/her to hold still so as not to freak out the bug:

When someone tries to show you what it'd feel like if you had a hand growing out of your chin:

When you establish intense eye contact with someone and then proceed to try to hypnotize that person:

When you want to verify that a new acquaintance isn't a hungry Twilight vampire:

When you're in a stare 'n' smile contest. First one to blink or stop smiling loses!

When your magnet hand gets stuck to someone else’s magnet face:

When a friend lovingly grabs your chin without warning and you wish that friend would let it go, let it gooooo:

When John Travolta lovingly grabs your chin without warning and you can't help but grin because what is haaaaaaappeniiiiiiing?

It's the GIF that you want! Oo, oo, oo, honey! It's the GIF you need! Oh yes indeeeeed!

Image: giphy