Relive Samantha Bee's Best 'Daily Show' Moments

by Kenya Foy

Only two short weeks ago, the burning question on everyone's mind was will Samantha Bee and Jason Jones host The Daily Show? Well, the show's Most Senior Correspondent won't be taking Jon Stewart's place because Samanta Bee is leaving The Daily Show . At this point, I'm not sure how much more major news fans of the Comedy Central late-night news program can tolerate, but let's start by allowing everyone a brief moment to let this announcement sink in.

That's right: In the wake of Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central departure, viewers should most certainly prepare to relive another round of emotional stages and accept the fact that Bee will longer be a part of the Best F&*king News Team on Television.

The good news is, though, that Bee's departure won't be abrupt. Luckily, viewers will have time to adapt because, as Deadline reports, the 45-year-old correspondent will stick around to make the occasional Daily Show appearance — that is, until she begins filming her TBS series with husband Jason Jones.

Sigh. If your face is crumpling into a distraught mask of sadness, disappointment and tears, then it’s totally OK to go ahead and have a good long cry. But, do yourself a favor and make sure some of the waterworks are humor-induced by watching 6 of Samantha Bee's best moments on The Daily Show:

Bee vs. Anti-Vaccination Bloggers

Bee bravely took on popular lifestyle bloggers' take on the safety of bypassing vaccinations in one comedic fell swoop.

Her Report on Police Shootings

Thanks to Bee, the definitions of increasing and decreasing are crystal clear.

Addressing the Minimum Wage Debate

Bee expertly employed her scathing sarcasm to the illuminate the discrepancies in the minimum wage debate, because as she puts it, "no one in our country is hungry."

Her Hands-On Interview With Joe Biden

While plenty of people focused on Joe Biden's touchy tendencies towards women, Bee wasn't afraid to expose the truth, like the fact that the vice president enjoys Cheetos.

Her Thoughts on the Government's Penis Pump Fund

Watch Bee tackle the issue of Medicare-funded penis pumps and I dare you not to laugh uncontrollably.

Addressing the "Pinkwashing" Trend

Bee dipped a chicken leg in yogurt (gross!) all in an effort to call out the incessant pink product-hawking from companies falsely claiming to support Breast Cancer Awareness for financial gain.

Image: Martin Crook/Comedy Central