Happy 56th Birthday, Barbie!

by Madison Alcedo

It's true: Barbie Millicent Roberts, better known as just Barbie, probably has more Instagram followers than you — 664,000 to be exact. But we'll forgive her since she's been an iconic part of almost every little girl's life. And even though it doesn't seem she's aged at all (maybe ever), Barbie turns 56 today.

We've come a long way since Barbie's creator (or mom like she liked to be called) created a doll that would become part of America's culture and who has even been an inspiration to artists including Andy Warhol. In 1959, Barbie was born, thanks to Mattel founder Ruth Handler, who was inspired by her daughter's paper dolls. It was then that a legend and an inspiration for women was born.

Barbie has no doubt had her fill of drama and controversy. People have argued about her appearance not being realistic for little girls, but over these past 56 years, she's had some dang good outfit choices that we wish were in our own closets. Barbie's Instagram is filled with pictures from fashion "photo shoots" that any model or fashion blogger would be jealous of. Name an occasion and Barbie has an outfit for it. In honor of her birthday, here are 9 of our favorite looks from her fabulous Instagram account:

1. Barbie at PFW 2015

Fashion-forward Barbie must, of course, be seen at every Fashion Week. She is totally rocking the faux fur in Paris — ooh la la!

2. Barbie's 1984 Aerobics Outfit

Barbie is all about following the trends, even if that means funny dance workouts and crazy-colored sweatsuits.

3. Barbie's Killer Street Style

Doesn't she just look like the trendy fashion blogger that you want to be friends with?!

4. Barbie's Grammy's Dress

You can't go wrong with a gold dress for an award show. We vote Barbie as best dressed.

5. Barbie's 1994 Natural Look

Here's Barbie in rare form without her makeup and glamorous outfits.

6. Barbie and Ken's Après Ski Outfits

We can't forgot about Ken — matching outfits and all. I'm pretty sure some of our parents had something similar to this.

7. Barbie's Old Hollywood Golden Globes Glam

This is the classic "Barbie look." Barbie's at her best when she's all glammed-up.

8. Barbie's Miami Swimwear

Barbie's effortless chic continues in her simple black swimsuit choice.

9. Barbie's Workout Gear

Just like all of us, Barbie does have a casual side. And she works out (or at least tries?)!

Barbie may not encompass every type of woman or body type, but her fashionable style throughout the decades is something to notice. Happy, happy birthday, Barbie!

Images: Barbie/Instagram