Miley Cyrus Covers Up with Glitter & Her Nakedness Is Finally In Remission

The world has seen a lot of Miley Cyrus recently, in every sense of the word. Everyday for weeks, she's made some kind of headline, whether for a performance, a music video, a scandal, an interview or the million other things she's been up to. We've also literally seen a lot of her, thanks to the VMAs, "Wrecking Ball" and Terry Richardson. Now, Cyrus is covering up—in her own way. The singer collaborated with rapper Future and can be seen in his upcoming music video for "Real and True" covered in silver paint and glitter.

Maybe with "Wrecking Ball," Cyrus reached the peak of her nakedness, and is now slowly regressing.

Think about it, she started on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana and for some reason, the costume designers at Disney Channel love layers so she spent a few years wearing scarves over jackets over sweaters over tank tops over t-shirts. As she got older, the layers came off and she began performing in sexier outfits. The usual rebellious teen stuff, booty shorts and more low-cut tops. She also got pretty into crop tops—and who wouldn't, with those abs?

Then one day, Cyrus cut most of her hair off and next thing you know, her clothes follow. More specifically, pants. As her hair became edgy, her talk of drug use increased and the wearing of pants dramatically decreased. Then of course, the infamous VMAs performance, where she went from a teddy bear unitard to a flesh-colored latex bikini.

Finally, came the "Wrecking Ball" music video, the apex of Miley's nudity. For much of the video, she is completely naked atop a wrecking ball, the chain of which is strategically placed to hide anything that would make the video unable to air on TV.

Soon after, photos of Cyrus taken by famed pervert Terry Richardson were released, and though disturbing, Cyrus wasn't naked in any of them. Instead, she went pantless, wore a very tiny, uncomfortable looking leotard and a sheer top.

Now with "Real and True," Cyrus is covered from head to toe, just in paint and glitter instead of clothes. What will be next? Maybe body glitter and a bikini? Then a bigger leotard, and maybe, just maybe, Cyrus will someday wear jeans again.