10 Reasons Why This Winter Was The WORST

Is it spring yet? Well, almost. Come March 20, winter is officially over, and we will (hopefully) be able to welcome the warm weather back into our lives — a fact that many Americans are thrilled to hear. Soon we will be able to celebrate the spring season with outdoor dinners, walks through the park, and clothes that are not made of wool.

Many of us would say that this has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad winter. But if you ask a member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they'd tell you it wasn't that bad. According to the NOAA's recent global analysis report, the average temperature for February 2015 was the second highest it's been in the past 135 years. Maybe that's true if your hometown neighbors the equator, but those of us above the Mason-Dixon have seen first hand how horrible this winter has been.

We've spent the last three months shoveling ourselves out of the house, slipping on icy streets, and sporting too many layers to work. For anyone, let alone scientists, to tell us this has been a warm winter is just plain offensive. And if members of the NOAA want to argue me on this, I have the photos to prove them wrong. Here are just a few things we all had to suffer through this winter... and the main reasons why we are happy to see winter end for good.

1. Not being able to open the door because it’s blocked by snow

Who knew such a simple task could be so complicated? Thanks to record-breaking snowfalls (100 inches in Boston alone), getting out of the house became quite a challenge this winter. Not that we actually wanted to go out into the tundra.

2. Wearing everything you own just to shovel your driveway

No amount of layers could protect us from this season's frigid temperatures. Our eyes suffered the most, as high winds left them stung and teary.

3. Bundling up your four-legged friend

Even creatures with built-in fur coats were cold this winter. Though, to be fair, seeing dogs dressed for the snow does warm our hearts.

4. Slipping and sliding when you walk through the streets

Unless you're a professional figure skater, walking down the street was quite a challenge this year. Thanks to the slush and ice, people spent more time on their butts than on their feet.

5. Resorting to unconventional methods when traveling to work

Just because a storm hits doesn't mean you get a snow day. Creativity was key for several people when they had to go to work but the roads weren’t clear.

6. Donning wet clothes during the work day

Walking to work in the snow sucks. Having to work in snow-covered clothes is even worse.

7. Shoveling snow off of your car

On the bright side, you were able to get an upper body workout without going to the gym.

8. Shoveling snow out of your car

When the entire earth is covered in snow, these frozen water particles have to find a new place to destroy.

9. Using every method possible to stay warm

Electric blankets. Space heaters. Extra hot coffee. Thermal underwear. There was no method you wouldn't try to keep your body at a normal temperature.

10. Recovering from snow-related injuries

Because it wouldn’t be winter without blood and bruises, right? Whether you slipped on the ice or suffered from chapped lips, the season takes a toll on your body.

Images: Kelmore, Coreyschestak, BigBellyStella, catk0604, Jessvher, Katie_Ramey, Zozofowler, Marliarizona, Sammi.Bee, Tellegram/Instagram