9 Reasons We're Sad To See Winter Go (Sort Of)

To say this has been a brutal winter would be an understatement. In the past two months, the city of Boston has received more than 100 inches of snow, with more expected to fall in the coming weeks. The consistent snowstorms combined with the unbearable temperatures have caused Americans to go a little stir crazy. People fled their tundra-like cities for cozier climates. Police arrested Queen Elsa, a fictitious cold-weather character from Disney's Frozen. It's safe to say that most Americans won't be sad to see winter go.

And then there are those who dread winter's end. The ones who manage to see the season's bright side when others can't. The ones who actually like — nay, love — seeing their breath appear in the air. Yes, it's hard to believe these folks exist after the winter we've experienced. But, much like the double rainbow, they are a rarity that we must celebrate, not curse.

Because even though we may not support their love, we can understand their point of view — at least, to an extent. Because as much as we may hate the sleet, snow, and hail that come with winter, there are also some aspects of the season we can't help but love. Whether you love or loathe winter, here are just a few things we will miss about the season. Well, sort of.

1. Seasonal coffee flavors

Good luck trying to spice up your coffee come spring time. Although the warmer weather allows us to indulge in icy beverages, they are much more bland than their winter counterparts. Sure you could try throwing an old candy cane into your morning cup of joe, but it won't taste as good as an authentic peppermint latte.

2. Having a semi-decent excuse to sleep in

We're less likely to make weekend plans in the winter for fear of facing the treacherous weather. With nowhere to go on a Saturday morning, there is no real reason to wake up before noon.

3. Lack of allergies

If you're allergic to pollen, then your sinuses get a break between December and February. Near-frozen temperatures and snow not only kill the allergen, but delay springtime pollination.

4. Bundling up in a blanket

Or, if you're really classy, a Snuggie. There's no limit to the number of blankets you can use to keep warm on a cold winter night. The same can't be said about summer, when even stripping down to your skivvies offers little to no relief from the heat.

5. Discounted holiday candy

Winter has a monopoly on the candy centric holidays, which means it's the only time of year we can get 50 percent off our favorite chocolate-coated treats. On the bright side, that probably means you eat less sweets in the spring and summer, right?

6. The comfort of a hot shower

Nothing warms you up on a winter morning like a hot shower. In fact, you often extend your suds time for a few extra minutes of warmth. But in a few months, when the humidity is high, you'll be dreading your a.m. routine.

7. Red, red wine

Now, there's no rule saying you can't sip on a cabernet or merlot in the summer. But the heaviness of these wines make them less appealing as the temperature starts to rise.

8. Not stressing about swimsuit season

Unless you've planned a tropical winter getaway, you don't have to worry about donning a two piece till Memorial Day. Which is good, since we spend most of the winter gorging on comfort food and skipping the gym.

9. Frizz-free hair

Although snow can damage your flat-ironed 'do, it’s not nearly as hazardous as humidity. Take advantage of the hair-friendly weather while you can, because in a few months you'll be pulling your locks into a ponytail every day.

Images: Mo/Flickr; WiffleGif (9)