'GoT' Crossed Over With '90s Shows = Amazing

Hey kids, have you lost your parents HBO Go password JUST before you were about to bingewatch Game of Thrones Season 4? And do you, like most cool people on the web, have a sick penchant for '90s nostalgia? Great news! Whalerock Industries did a recap of the entirety of Season 4... with Saved By the Bell's theme song playing in the background. It's a Game Of Thrones crossover for the ages!

No joke: If you're looking to catch up on the HBO fantasy series before Season 5's premiere April 12th, then this neon-colored masterpiece should do the trick. Not only is it straight up using the Saved By the Bell opening credits, complete with the squiggle lines and some iron thrones thrown in for good measure, but it covers everything you may have missed from Season 4. And if that doesn't intrigue, know that it even includes some furiously dancing Peter Dinklage, for good measure. The Internet has truly blessed us today.

But why stop there? History has proven that Game of Thrones can be mashed up with anything, from Mean Girls to Frozen. So, our most cherished cheesy childhood TV shows can't be off the table, right? I mean, that's where my mind instantaneously went. Then again, TV shows from the early '90s is pretty much where my mind always goes...

Watch the above video, and then check out what would happen if we mashed up Game of Thrones with some of the other ridiculous '90s shows that have been only left to memory... and Nick at Nite.

Clarissa Explains It All + Game of Thrones =

...Khaleesi Explains It All, obviously. You think YOU had it rough as a teenager? Try having an annoying brother who sells you into marriage with a fearsome killer in exchange for an army of 40,000 men. Daenerys doesn't exactly get this whole Dothraki thing, but she's figuring it out... one dragon at a time.

Full House + Game of Thrones

Full House of Stark. Nailed it.

Ever wonder what the House of Stark was like BEFORE winter was coming? Well, they were all living under the same roof, having wacky adventures. Like remember the time Robb was babysitting and let the kids stay up late to watch the new Tiffany video? And Ned had to give him that talk about responsibility? CLASSIC.

Unfortunately Jon Snow gets shoved into the Kimmy Gibbler role as he's not technically part of this family. Sorry, dude, I don't make the rules.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air + Game of Thrones =

The Fresh Prince of the Seven Kingdoms. Ah yes, giving Joffrey his own show was a weird choice, but he insisted on it. Sadly the Fresh Prince of the Seven Kingdoms only lasted one episode after Joffrey had some bad wine and died a slow and horrible death. The ratings were through the roof, though.

Images: Whalerock Industries, HBO/Mary Grace Garis (3)