10 Sex Positions For Small Spaces, Because You Deserve To Have Fun In A Twin-Sized Bed , Car Or A Small Tent

Remember those nights in your bedroom or your parents' house, struggling to find inventive ways to be intimate in a twin-sized bed? Perhaps you'd move it outside, and try things in the backseat of your partner's car. Whatever you tried, you didn't have a lot of space with work with. It was frustrating. But it's time to flip our logic: Doing sex positions in the car, twin bed, or other small spaces are cozy and fun and definitely more intimate.

When you're in a twin bed next time, don't even think about anything else besides hooking up, says adult performer/producer Tasha Reign. Kissing and touching under the covers will be extra fun because you have nowhere else to go — it's intimacy in a fun way, or perhaps we can call it spacial bondage. If you're in a tight public space, like a car, hooking up takes on a risky, which adds adrenaline to the experience, and ultimately a better orgasm.

Having sex in the car? British porn star Tanya Tate, 10 time MILF of The Year winner, performer, director and radio host for Vivid Radio, says to try opening the door and doing doggy style over a fully-reclined passenger seat. You can also do a folded-knee reverse cowgirl in the backseat. Just make sure you stick to the passenger side so you don’t accidentally honk the horn mid action. These positions also work well in a single bed.

1. Car Sex: Kneeling Doggy Style


Kneeling doggy is one of my favorite positions to use during car sex,” says sex expert Tyomi Morgan. The first is a version for car sex where one partner kneels on their knees facing the back of the seat (whether in the front seat or back seat) and their partner enters from behind. This position can be used as a vaginal sex position or an anal sex position.

2. Small Bed Or Couch: Lotus


The Lotus position can be used in a small bed or on a couch, says Morgan. In this position, one partner sits on top of with their legs cross-legged while the other sits with their legs slightly bent. During sex, whomever is on the bottom of this pose will have control over depth and speed of penetration.

3. Car: Launch pad


Launch pad is a great position that places one partner into a compact missionary position, says Morgan. Great to use in the backs seat of a car, both get into missionary position with one lying on their back and the other positioned in front with one foot flat on the floor of the car and the other leg bent at the knee resting on the seat. The other rests their feet on his chest and brings her pelvis as close to his as possible, proving deep penetration but also a way to control her partner’s depth during performance.

4. Small Space With Seat: Lap Dance Position


This one is great for spaces with a chair, stool, or other type of flat seat, says Sunny Megatron, host of Showtime's Sex with Sunny Megatron. All the penetrating partner has to do is relax and sit down. The other partner straddles them with their feet solidly on the floor as if they were giving a lap dance. For car sex or larger seats, the person on top keels with their legs resting on the seat beside the sitting partners thighs.

5. Long Spaces: Rear Entry


Doggy style is great for spaces that are long but not wide, like a twin bed, says Megatron. If you’re in a space with not much height clearance, the bottom partner can lie flat with their legs stretched out but closed firmly together. The other partner then penetrates from behind while hugging close. This is a great position if you enjoy a tight fit.

6. Sleeping Bags/Station Wagon: CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) Position


Good for sleeping bags or the back of a station wagon. "Missionary with a twist!" says Katrina "Rainsong" Messenger of The Good Love Project. In this position the man has his legs on the outside, while the woman keeps her legs together, thereby keeping the bodies aligned and narrow. Bonus: CAT position gives lots of clitoral stimulation!

7. Front Seat Of The Car/Small Tent: Yab/Yum


Good for the front seat of a car or small tent, says Messenger. One sits either cross-legged or with feet on the floor (if you’re in a chair). The other straddles with legs wrapping around their hips. This position comes from classic Tantric sexual practices and is great for slow grinding and eye contact!

8. Shower/Airplane Bathroom: Standing One Leg Up


This one's good for the shower or an airplane bathroom, says Messenger. Ready to join the mile high club? Partners face each other. Woman stands on one foot and supported by a wall and her partner. Her other leg can hook over his arm or foot can rest on opposite wall or counter. Advanced move: If you’re really flexible go into a standing semi-split and place your ankle on his shoulder!

9. Upper Bunk On A Train/RV: Sideways 69


This one is good for upper bunk on a train or RV. "Want to have oral fun but over-headspace is limited? Try 69ing on your side! You may need to get creative with some pillows for added comfort," says Messenger.

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