Taylor, Hilary, And LC Star In Amazing #FBF Cover

The year was 2008. Barack Obama was still running for President, the New York Giants were the reigning Super Bowl champions, and three of the country's most stylish young women posed together for a magazine shoot. Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, and Lauren Conrad's Us Weekly cover will take you back in time and also remind you about a few things that you might have forgotten about the three blonde-haired stars. MTV News unearthed this truly epic photo shoot that brought together a former teen queen, a reality TV mogul, and a country singer on her way to becoming pop music royalty.

Wearing coordinated pink dresses for one of the photos and purple cocktail frocks for another, Swift, Duff, and Conrad kind of looked like the new version of Charlie's Angels, if all three characters had long, golden tresses. The trio showed their individual style in a third, more casual shot where Duff rocked leather pants and black pumps, Conrad looked SoCal chic in cerulean, and Swift represented her country roots with cowboy boots and an armful of bracelets.

So much has changed since these three appeared on Us Weekly's Style issue, from their love lives, to their career paths, but their style has definitely evolved through the years. Let's look at 5 things that you probably forgot about Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, and Lauren Conrad since they were photographed together for this shoot.

1. Taylor's curly hair

The youngest of the three cover stars, Swift has also had the biggest transformation in the last few years. She's gone from a country sweetheart to a certified pop star, but these 2008 photos show what the hit singer/songwriter looked like before 1989. This was also her dating-a-JoBro era

2. Hilary's indie movie career

In the accompanying interview, Duff talks about how she put her music career on hold for acting in independent movies. "I put music on the side for a little while and shot a bunch of movies last year, like independents," the newly green-haired star said. "There's one called Greta that's coming out, like a coming-of-age story for a girl and I did a movie called Safety Glass that had a really cool ensemble cast."

3. LC has always been about building her brand

She would soon leave The Hills the reality show that helped launch her fashion career but the behind-the-scenes interview also reveals how Conrad was already hustling to create her lifestyle empire. "I just did an event with Bloomingdale's and the main buyers there told me it was one of the best-selling lines there, which is really exciting to hear. I have a runway show coming up in a few weeks."

4. Taylor didn't always wear red lipstick

5. But she was always about women supporting each other

After Conrad criticized the media for how it portrays female celebrities and their bodies, Swift enthusiastically followed up with, "Good call! Nobody's blaming society and the way that, I guess the film industry, approaches weight and that sort of thing."

Watch the full video interview below:

Image: MTV News/Twitter; Giphy (5)