Do You Know How Fast the Apple Watch Sold Out?

Despite some of the hate and skepticism that the Apple Watch received (see: Jacksfilms parody), the Apple Watch’s Sports edition sold out in its pre-orders within the first six and a half hours that it was released. Although pre-orders are still open, the shipment date will be later, sometime in June. Even the standard Apple Watches have pushed back their shipment dates by about a whole month. So if you were really looking forward to receiving your Apple Watch around April 24, they actually won’t be shipping the orders out until another four to six weeks. Sorry, early adopters.

It makes sense that the Apple Watch’s Sports edition sold out in pre-sales, considering it’s the "cheapest" model. However, it came as quite a surprise that the $12,000 white and rose gold watch and the $15,000 black and gold watch models were selling faster than expected. Consequently, the shipment for those models will also be pushed back to June. CNET noticed Apple beginning to push back the summer shipment dates within the first hour of the pre-sales.

I'm sure many are extremely anxious and excited to receive their Apple Watches and if you're part of that waiting party, just think of it this way — you've most likely have waited on iPhones and iPads before, too, so what's one more time? While you're waiting, you can think about how you want to customize your watch bands or style them. So many possibilities!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Image: Getty