The Biebs's Epic Lip Dub Of "I Really Like You"

It's pretty much infamous at this point: In 2012, Justin Bieber teamed up with Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and company to make a lip dub video of themselves singing and dancing along to Carly Rae Jepsen's perpetually stuck-in-your-head jam, "Call Me Maybe." On Tuesday, though, he outdid himself again when he took on Jepsen's latest hit: And so, I present to you, Justin Bieber's lip dub "I Really Like You" video.

This time around, Bieber has enlisted a new star-studded group of friends to appear in the hilarious video. The video starts off with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, hanging out backstage after one of her shows. As the video progresses, the celebrities continue to come out of the woodwork. Kendall Jenner stops by, as does Lance Bass and Empire star Bryshere Gray. Also making cameos are the British pop quartet Rixton, the K-Pop star CL, The Voice contest Kimberly Nicole. And let's not forget Bieber's dog, Esther, and Real Housewives husband David Foster, who also make brief appearances.

The music video for Jepsen's "I Really Like You" was, in and of itself, a lip dub video thanks to Tom Hanks' hilarious performance. The music video also featured a brief appearance by Justin Bieber and, because of this, I speculated that perhaps there was a Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen collaboration to come. However, it would now seem that Bieber's cameo was potentially a teaser for the epic lip dub video that was gifted to us from the heavens on Tuesday.

In case you haven't see the video yet, check out the glorious masterpiece below and join me in reveling in the 17 best moments from Bieber's "I Really Like You" lip dub. And I apologize in advance that this song will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. #worthit

Bieber's Shopping Cart

Bieber pulls out some of my favorite middle school moves in this video.

Grande's Sassy Strut

*hair flip emoji*

David Foster Shows Off His, Er, Dance Moves

David Foster (aka the King to Yolanda Foster's Queen of Lemons) might be a Grammy-winning musician but he's not winning any awards with those moves.

Kendall Jenner Stops By

Beliebers aren't gonna be happy about Kendall's pronounced role in this video after all the rumors about their supposed romance... Watch out, girl.

Ariana and Frankie Share Some Sibling Bonding Time

The most youthful genes there ever were.

The Gang Does Rae Sremmurd's Whip Dance

Biebs ain't got no type.

The Biebs Expresses Pure Jubilation

This is the exact face I make when my pizza arrives.

Hakeem Swings By

I don't watch Empire but after seeing this guy, I might just have to start.

Some Intense Dude Shimmying Goes On

The shimmy, my number one go-to dance move when I'm drunk. Apparently the Biebs and I have that in common.

Lance Bass Shows Off Some Dope Moves

You can take the boy out of *NSYNC, but you can't take the *NSYNC out of the boy.

Esther Stops By

I am shipping Bieber and Jenner so hard right now. So hard.

Biebs Gives Us Some Justin Timberlake-esque Facial Expressions

There is a special level of angst only attainable by men under the age of 22.

Everybody Whips Some More

No flex zone, y'all.

Bieber Appears Out of Nowhere...

Plot twist!

... And Then Jams with Jenner

The hair flip: my number two go-to drunk dance move. Jenner feels me.

Bieber Uses My Grandma's Favorite Dance Move

Bieber must be an old soul. Over the course of this video he does the walk like an Egyptian dance, the shopping cart, and the always-hilarious snorkeling dance move. Bieber needs to take some dance lessons from Usher and step up his game.

General Hilarity Ensues

So much awesomeness in one room.

Images: kidrauhl, ChampSports/YouTube