What Would Nicki Minaj's Wedding Be Like? Obviously, It Would Be Fit For A Queen

Despite all the frenzy over Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s alleged engagement, I must admit that I’m still weary of believing this news — only because in the past, Minaj has been notoriously private about her relationship. Hey, I could be wrong — maybe this time around, she’s simply too overcome with joy to contain her glee. That probably explains why Minaj and her beau incessantly fawn over one another on social media (have you seen their adorable Instagram posts?). Either way, for now it seems like they’re both content with keeping us guessing over whether they actually plan to say I do sometime in the near future — leaving us fans only able to speculate about everything from how the alleged proposal could have gone down to what Nicki Minaj's wedding would be like. Since it doesn't seem Minaj is going to come out and confirm or deny the rumors any time soon, it seems all we can do to pass the time is wonder

So, that said, let's do just that: What would Minaj's wedding be like? Call me crazy, but I seriously doubt this would be anything remotely close to a low-key affair. I mean, this is a woman whose manicure practically stole the shine from her alleged engagement ring reveal, so I’m sure she’d be impeccably accessorized from head to toe. There would likely be celebrities galore, a three-piece orchestra, a choir, a formal feast fit for a queen and then some. Basically, a Nicki Minaj wedding would be so fabulous that I want to be invited to this ceremony and it’s not even confirmed to be real.

Bustle has reached out to Minaj's rep for comment about the rumors, but has yet to hear back. So, until then, here are 7 things to expect from Nicki Minaj's wedding (if it happens, that is):

A Series of Wig Changes

I know Minaj's wig game has been rather tame lately, but I totally expect the re-emergence of her best colorful hairdos for the big day.

A Reserved Section For Her Barbz

This sounds like a great idea, right Barbz?

A Wedding Dress That Flatters Her Lovely Lady Lumps

Because Minaj has all the curves.

No, No, No, No, No Shade

Haters beware — leave the shade at home on Minaj's wedding day, or else.

A Surprise Song

Releasing music with no announcement seems to be the trend these days (see: Beyoncé, Drake). That said, I could totally see Minaj debuting a new song during her reception. We might even get a mini husband and wife concert!

A Hot Dance

Back off, Drake. This one's for the groom.

A Photo Booth Designated For Minaj's Wedding Day Selfies

In case you didn't know, Minaj claims she takes 2,000 selfies for each one she posts. I doubt her commitment to snapping the perfect selfie will take a backseat on her wedding day.

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