How Would Drake React To Nicki Minaj Being Engaged? He Would Probably Pop A Few Bottles

Who knew that an unwed celebrity flashing a boulder-sized ring on Instagram could have folks talking for days on end? Nicki Minaj, that's who. While she jet sets from one country to another on her Pinkprint tour, her fans (along with everyone else who absolutely needs answers) are left to contemplate whether Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are actually engaged. Because the couple has yet to come out and officially confirm the news (Bustle has reached out for comment, but has yet to hear back), I still have no idea if they're actually planning to get hitched, but that didn't stop me from outlining Minaj's wedding day details down to what hair and dress she should wear. All this waiting on a yay or nay from either Minaj or Mill's camp leaves room for plenty more engagement discussion, so I'm just going to throw this one out there: How would Drake react to Nicki Minaj's engagement news, if it is indeed true?

I suppose the answer to that question depends on who you ask. Minaj has said that she sees Drake as a brother, but that doesn't stop people from envisioning their romantic future as a couple made in hip hop heaven. Oh, and Drake's reaction to that "Anaconda" lap dance was, ah... not exactly brotherly in nature. But, hey, everyone knows he's quite the convincing actor from his days on Degrassi.

But for now, let's get back to the question at hand. Here's how Drake might respond to Minaj being engaged:

By Being Super Supportive...

Then secretly crying that he didn't get the chance to propose first.

By Assuming the Overprotective Brother Role

Ah, Drake. Too little, too late.

Immediately Demanding Some Alone Time

He would definitely need some time for deep contemplation.

Not As Disgusted As Being Kissed By Madonna, But Still Pretty Torn Up

I'm gonna guess that Drizzy would react to Minaj's engagement with a little more enthusiasm than he appeared to have after Madge smooched him at Coachella.

By Popping a Few (OK, A Lot) of Bottles

But wait — don't mistake this for a celebration. It would strictly be to mask his emotions over not being the one to win Nicki's heart.

By Drunk Dialing An Old Flame

It'll be OK in the morning, Drake. We've all been there.

By Taking Credit For the Entire Thing

Yeah, yeah, we know Drake. Minaj and Meek Mill hooking up was all a part of your master plan, right?

An Old-Fashioned Face Palm

Maybe he thought that "Anaconda" lap dance actually meant something.Images: Giphy (8)