Are 'The Royals' Eleanor & Jasper Over? All Signs Point To Yes... For Now, Anyway

The drama over The Royals' most intriguing couple, Jasper and Princess Eleanor, just won't seem to quit. First I was convinced that Jasper was just blackmailing her for sex, then I thought that maybe, just maybe , Jasper actually had real feelings for Eleanor, a belief that was only further cemented in my mind when Jasper revealed that there was no sex tape with which to blackmail Eleanor to begin with. Everything I once thought to be true, though, fell apart in the last episode, and now I have to ask: Is Eleanor done with Jasper? Methinks the answer might be "yes." At least for now.

But before I get into that, I need to backtrack a little bit into last week's episode. Eleanor and co. went to Monaco for a weekend, where she was reunited with a stupidly good-looking British gent named Beck. Apparently, he was good friends with Eleanor and Liam's late brother Robert, and he just so happened to be the first guy that Eleanor every slept with. So, you know, no latent feelings there or anything (as Borat would say, PAUSE NOT). She spent the entire weekend getting very cozy and drug-free with him, revealing at the end of the episode that she was in love with him despite the little snag that he just so happens to be married. Meanwhile, Jasper got transferred to Queen Helena's security detail, and his first order of business was apparently to bone her. Because that's not creepy at all. And then there was that whole ordeal of her sending a body double to take her place after Jasper sent her to her room during the masquerade ball.

All of those small details allow me to assume that Eleanor and Jasper might be donezo, at least for the time being. Well, that and the trailer for this week's episode:

The Royals Online on YouTube

There's definitely a lot in store for us in "Your Sovereignty Of Reason," but I'm pretty focused on time marks 0:21-0:23. Here's what I'm thinking: We know that King Simon knows about Queen Helena's affair with Jasper. I think he's going to air the queen's dirty laundry in front of the family, aiming to embarrass her, but unaware that Eleanor had something going on with Jasper herself. I think the walls she's vandalizing are the queen's walls, and that's why she's painting over the queen's face in her family picture. This anger will lead her to not only further distance herself from her mother, but to also be completely done with Jasper.

As much as I'm a Jeleanor shipper, I wouldn't blame her at all. He's clearly up to something nefarious, and maybe it's best that she's not involved with him when we find out exactly what that is. Now all we need to do is find out more about this mysteriously unavailable Beck character, and I'd say we've got a few more seasons of regal British drama on our hands.

Images: Jim Marks/E!; ego-centrick/Tumblr