Are the Lilly Pulitzer x Target Clothes Sold Out?

Welp, we probably should have seen this coming: Lilly Pulitzer x Target clothes are sold out basically completely, both online and in stores. And it's no wonder with all of the media attention the line received. Only two pieces in specific sizes have "Limited Availability" in stores, according to Target's website. So a trip to your local Target, especially if you're in a smaller town, might still be worth the trek.

However, I can't really offer a guarantee that you'll find any proof that Lilly P was ever at Target. When the line hit stores on April 19, people went crazy. Celebrities appeared in a promotional video, then wore pieces to the launch party, and a Lilly Pulitzer for Target interactive app was released. Basically, Lilly and Target did everything right to make sure the collaboration was heard 'round the world. Now, literally four days after the line came out, it is completely dried up. You can find pieces for resale on eBay and similar sites, but you'll pay a serious price: Many resellers are marking up the items to double their original cost.

If you're optimistic that there's still hope for your Lilly P x Target dreams to come true, check out the two pieces that still have limited availability in stores. Even if they're not your size or if you don't fancy the pieces, who knows what people would be willing to do for them.

Satin Jumpsuit - Boom Boom

Limited availability in stores, size XXL, $44

Shift Dress - Fan Dance

Limited availability in stores, size 8, $38

Slim pickings, my friends.

Images: Target