'The Voice' Save Results Might Shock You

In what Carson Daly claimed was the closest The Voice Save vote ever (didn't he say that last week?), India Carney beat out Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby to earn the final spot in the Top 6. It's crazy to think that in just a matter of minutes, two-thirds of Team Blake was wiped out — especially after they had such a great night last night. This goes to show how powerful the fans of this show really are and how quickly things can change for a contestant on the show. One performance can ruin the game for even the strongest of contestants, and that's exactly what happened to Hannah Kirby.

Kirby has had an interesting trajectory in this game — she got to the Top 12 by the skin of her teeth, but has managed to play a strong game ever since... until now. Kirby's Top 8 performance fell far below the level of awesomeness that we have come to expect from her. Sure, she had a children's choir and that was pretty awesome — but her vocals were only okay and her energy was lacking. I'd love to blame all of this on Cee Lo Green's direction, but a lot of it has to do with Kirby herself. She's plateaued in the game, and nothing she could've done in her Top 8 performance would've saved her.

Fans loved Kirby for her powerhouse vocals and quirkiness — two qualities that were lacking in her Top 8 performance. She may have been saved if her Instant Save performance had been amazing, but that lacked, too. The percentage of votes Kirby received fell far below the percentages of Carney and White, which is a true sign that she was meant to go home this week. Kirby's quirkiness and power had hit a peak that she simply couldn't get over. Will she be able to make the move from The Voice into the music industry? One can only hope. Because regardless of how her tenure on The Voice ended, Kirby is one of the most original artists to ever compete in this game and she deserves all the success her crazy dance moves can get her.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC