Tara Lipinski Is The Kentucky Derby Queen

by Chelsea Mize

The Kentucky Derby might be a horse race but, for many people, it's the beauty, glamor, and celebrity fashion that keeps them watching. The parade of chic sundresses and over-the-top hats and fascinators never gets old, and the 'Best Dressed' list of Derby-goers is highly competitive. But, every year, there's one person who dominates the social aspect of the event — and this year, it's already safe to say that famed Olympic figure skater and sports reporter for NBC, Tara Lipinski, has been ruling the Kentucky Derby all Saturday long, and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Though this is only her second Derby, Lipinski has stepped up her game big time, debuting two custom designed pieces by Kate Pankoke, a Project Runway All-star designer. Lipinski and her fellow figure skater/NBC commentator/partner in crime, Johnny Weir, have been turning heads all weekend in Kentucky and are the talk of the Derby with their killer fashion ensembles and head-turning hats. It's no surprise, really — Lipinski has an amazing track record at being an event commentator (remember the Sochi Olympics?) and this is the second time she's been a commentator at the Kentucky Derby.

But don't just take my word for it — see for yourself just how Tara Lipinski has been owning the Derby scene alongside Johnny Weir (and his fabulous hat!) all weekend long.

Her Derby Look Is ON. POINT.

Tara was a vision in yellow on Friday in a custom made Kate Pankoke dress with a beautiful floral fascinator.

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir Take the Derby

In this clip, Lipinski and Weir interview Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame about his Kentucky Derby experience. More importantly, you get to see a glimpse of Weir and Lipinski's epic Derby style.

360 Degrees of Fabulous Hats

Get a glimpse of Lipinski's whimsical updo and Weir's over-the-top mane of roses from every angle in the 360-degree Vine video.

She's BFF With All The Celebs

Tara Lipinsky and Sarah Hyland both look stunning in this candid photo from the Derby on Saturday.