Another Reason You NEED To Watch 'PLL' On Tuesday

Ever since the season finale back in March, Pretty Little Liars fans have been eagerly awaiting the show's return. That's because in typical PLL fashion, it was a total cliffhanger. While we found out that someone named Charles is the all-knowing, evil mastermind known as A, everybody was left with an even greater question: WHO IS CHARLES?! Luckily, season 6 of Pretty Little Liars starts this Tuesday, June 2. And even better news? A new trailer for John Green's book-turned-movie Paper Towns will air during the show.

Earlier in the week, author John Green posted an ominous photo of the movie's lead actress Cara Delevingne with the infamous PLL "A" written in front of her. I remember seeing this and thinking, "huh? That's strange." For a second, I wondered if this was some crazy cross-over plot twist and maybe Margo from Paper Towns was A... But that would be too much of a stretch, even by PLL show creator I. Marlene King's standards.

Luckily things made much more sense on Sunday when John Green posted an Instagram video with Delevingne and co-star Nat Wolff. In the video, Wolff spray paints a giant "2" and the caption says:

Only two days until the new #PaperTowns trailer airs during the Pretty Little Liars premiere!

This is amazing news! For fans of both John Green and Pretty Little Liars, it's like two of the best worlds combined. Paper Towns comes out this summer (July 24 to be exact!) and the first trailer already seems awesome. But since it seems like forever until the actual movie arrives, watching another sneak peek should hold us all over until then.

While we'll have to wait until Tuesday to see the trailer (and hopefully get some answers about Charles), enjoy these Instagram clues in the meantime!