What Do Plane Crashing Dreams Mean? 12 Dreams About Danger And Disasters, Explained

Sleep is supposed to be a place of safety, relaxation, and no-consequences dreams about going on a long weekend camping trip with the cast of Magic Mike XXL — but when going to bed means a night full of plane crashing dreams and other dream-time disasters, sleep can feel less like a sanctuary and more like a bad action movie. If you've been having nightmares full of towering tsunamis and raging fires lately, don't freak out. They don't mean that your waking life is so messed up, you need Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to swing by in a chopper and airlift you out of all of the bad decisions that you've made. Rather, disaster dreams usually mean that you're coping with suppressed emotions, feeling out of control, or dealing with a major transition in your life (they can also be signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, if you or a loved one has recently been through a disaster).

Like actual accidents or natural disasters themselves, dreams about disaster and chaos are most common when things are out of balance — so they tend to come when our lives are generally out of whack. While they can be terrifying, disaster dreams can also be a good reminder to pay attention to your feelings, and take inventory of what's actually going on in your life.

Of course, that's not much comfort when you're running from a giant dream tidal wave. But with some help from "definitive" dream interpretation site Dream Moods, we've gotten to the heart of 12 common disaster dreams, and what they mean. So you can face them head-on, and go back to dreaming about Joe Manganiello teaching you how to...uh, fly fish. Yeah, fly fishing, that's the ticket.

Plane Crash

Many dream experts think that we dream of plane crashes when we're nervous about our own high expectations — you may believe that you'll never reach the goals that you set for yourself, or that the things you have achieved are about to come crashing down around you. These dreams can also just be related to nursing a very powerful fear of flying.

Or hey, why can't it be both? You're a modern woman, you can be anxious about your own impossibly high expectations and irrationally nervous about zooming around the sky in a giant metal box that's always making so many weird noises, why WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NOISES COMING OUT OF THIS METAL BOX GOD WHY??

Building Collapse

To see a building collapse in a dream means that you're letting your hopes and dreams fall by the wayside. And to come upon a building that has already collapsed may mean that your sense of self has recently taken some hits.

Car Accident

A dream about a car accident often symbolizes a frail emotional state — one where your anxieties and insecurities are "driving" you to a bad end. Get it? Driving? Dreams love puns! Dreams also love prop comedy and ventriloquists who work a little blue, but that's another discussion for another day.


Spotting a dream-time tornado in the distance could be a sign of dramatic outbursts and uneasiness in your own life. Are you fighting a lot with a loved one? Or feeling anxious about not having a job? Spotting multiple tornadoes on the horizon might "represent people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings."

Actually getting caught in a tornado in your dream might mean that you feel out of control, whipped through life by forces beyond you. But if you come out of the tornado unscathed by the dream's end, your subconscious may be trying to tell you that these hard times are only temporary.


Dreaming that some force is burning down the house typically means that the time has come to introduce a major change into your life — possibly one you've been avoiding or trying to ignore. If your family home is the one aflame, then you are most likely actively fighting against the change you need to experience. But if you're not afraid of the fire, then you're ready to embrace the change, and lean into some personal transformation. Either way, it should be a good reminder to check your smoke detector batteries (twice a year, people!)

Dreaming that fire is touching or burning you might have to do with your temper; if you burst into flames in a dream, make sure you're taking steps to keep your temper in check while you're awake.


A dream flood can symbolize all kinds of repressed emotions — including sexual impulses — that are overwhelming you. The location of the flood can help you zero in on what it is that is bothering you: a flood at home might be related to family tensions, a flood at school could have to do with academic fears, and a flood at the store you just opened at the mall that sells lollipops shaped like boners could symbolize that this store was a bad investment, and you should have just gone to law school. Alternatively, your flood could symbolize a desire to make a fresh start (i.e. flooding could signal a desire to wash away all of your recent familial conflicts, academic worries, or boner lollipop stands that sounded really good on paper but are hemorrhaging money IRL).


Dreaming that you're in an earthquake suggests that your own life is going through something of a "shake-up" — and you feel like your stability is at risk. However, getting caught in an earthquake and finding safe shelter symbolizes an inner belief that you'll triumph through this period of instability.


You may not think you're angry, but if you're having repeated dreams where you walk away from an explosion like an action movie heroine (or stare in horror at an explosion like an actual real person), you may be repressing some rage. Dreams of explosions can be your subconscious's way of drawing your attention to the anger you've been trying to shove down — anger that may be in danger of exploding outward in ways you hadn't planned. And if a dream explosion launches you into the air or otherwise hurts you, you may be being taken advantage by someone.


No matter how good you may think you're repressing your feelings about a person or situation, if you're dreaming of tsunamis, you're still struggling with those feelings. And honestly, you're probably not doing a good job of repressing those feelings in real life, either. I mean, everyone can see the way your eye starts twitching whenever you're around Avery's new girlfriend. It's OK, you don't have to like her! Sometimes, in life, you just don't get along with some people. Hey, I don't like Avery's girlfriend very much either. She talks about her home pottery business way too much.


To simply see a hurricane in a dream implies that you feel chaos is coming into your life, with sudden, unexpected changes about to happen. To be swept up into a hurricane itself, however, may mean that "both your mental and emotional forces are building up inside and making themselves known." But you're not necessarily the one about to blow, just because you're swept up in gale force winds — being caught in a hurricane can also mean that someone is pressuring you to do something you're not sure about.


Dreaming of a volcano can signify that you're having trouble controlling some emotions — especially if that volcano is in full, Pompeii-destroying form. Whatever you're suppressing, you feel that it has the power to hurt people in your life. But double-check in real life — you might be feeling paranoid over nothing. However, if you're touring a dormant volcano, then you may be just thinking about "past issues that have been resolved and put to the rest."

The End Of The World

Dreaming that you have a front row seat for the apocalypse is not as dire as it seems. A dream about the end of the world isn't a sign that your life is going to fall apart (or, even worse, a sign that the world is actually going to end). Rather, it typically means that you're going through a major transition — that one phase of your life is ending and another beginning.

This could be negative, of course. But it can also tie to positive changes, like new jobs, getting married, graduating from school, or just approaching life with a new attitude. And to dream that you're still around after the apocalypse means that you'll triumph over the current hardships in your waking life.

That's the real lesson to take away from all these disaster dreams, in fact — they're designed to show you that in your heart of hearts, you're made of much tougher stuff that you ever imagined, and you have more control over your life than you think. Hey, if dream-you is cool hunting rats for food and building a shelter out of discarded burrito wrappers in the world after Armageddon, then real-life you can surely handle dealing with whoever is stealing your yogurt out of the fridge at work.

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