'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Theories From The Premiere Reveal Charles Suspects, New 'Ships, & More

Pretty Little Liars kicked off Season 6 with one big question: Seriously, who is Charles? That's actually a question carried over from the end of Season 5, when it was revealed that Big A is a mysterious gentleman, first name Charles, last name DiLaurentis. Even though this is the #SummerOfAnswers for PLL, it's keeping fans guessing and scratching our heads over just about everything. Instead of answers in "Game on, Charles," we got a million more questions, and with that a million more theories for Pretty Little Liars Season 6. If you're overwhelmed by the volume of ideas out there, never fear. I've compiled a rundown of some of the theories that came out of "Game On, Charles."

This list is by no means complete, and by no means final. Because within the first 10 seconds of the second episode, "Songs of Innocence," there will probably be a million more things to discuss and antagonize over. But before we dive into the theories, here's where we are right now. The Liars are out of Charles' dollhouse, and that includes Mona. There was a sixth person in the dollhouse, Sara Harvey, who was discovered after the Liars escaped. Meanwhile, Andrew is wanted for questioning, and all of Rosewood thinks he's A. That's still only just the beginning. Here are six of the best theories that kicked off PLL Season 6.

Andrew = Charles

The idea that Andrew is A has been floating around for a while. I mean, it makes sense since he is so damn shady and suspicious. This theory grew ten-fold as Andrew was completely MIA during the season premiere. Clearly he's hiding from someone, and he might be hiding behind a black hoodie and an A mask.

Andrew ≠ Charles

On the other hand, having Andrew be Charles is way too obvious and convenient for a show that piles twists upon twists upon twists, so another theory getting traction is that Andrew can't be A. He's MIA during the premiere because he's off... doing something. Maybe he's just away for the weekend! His absence is no admission of guilt.

Sara's A Big Key To Big A

How freaked out where you when it was revealed that Charles had someone else in his dollhouse, too? It was Sara Harvey, the other missing girl from the time Ali disappeared. I have no idea what she knows about Charles, let alone the dollhouse, but she must have some helpful information. She might be the one to crack this whole mystery wide open.

We Might Be Able To Start 'Shipping Emily & Sara

PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick hinted to Entertainment Tonight that Emily's time in the dollhouse might make her realize that her "soulmate" is closer than she realizes. Might it be that her soulmate is actually Sara Harvey, as Bustle's Christine DiStasio theorized?

Maya Is Alive

Or, that hint about the "soulmate" points back to Emily's first love, Maya, who many fans believe more than ever isn't really dead.

Radley's Closing Is HIGHLY Suspicious

It was a blink-and-miss-it moment from the PLL premiere, but a newscast ticker announced that Radley had closed its doors. Ummm, OK? So, now what? Where are the Liars going to go undercover? What does that mean for past patients? Does this have anything to do with Bethany Young/Charles/Toby's Mom?

Hopefully we'll not only develop new theories over the course of PLL Season 6, but see some of these pressing mysteries resolved.

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