Lady Gaga's Latest Instagram Proves Mod-Inspired Accessories Are Perfect For Summer

It's impossible to know what Lady Gaga will wear next, but this time was a pleasant surprise. The singer is know for her over-the-top outfits (hello, meat dress) and bizarre accessories, but this time she decided to tone down the style. Gaga posted a series of pictures on her Instagram looking fab in her mod-inspired outfit that is perfect summer style inspiration.

Gaga looked fabulous as she rode through London in the summery mod outfit. She posted a selfie in addition to her other posed pics to show off her fabulous style and celebrate her trip. In a blue and white printed jumpsuit with an off-the-shoulder white sweater layered overtop, this look was perfect for early summer weather. It combined modern trends with '60s style to make for one on-point outfit.

The mod-inspirations came into the picture with her handful of unique accessories. Gaga posed with pointed nails and a lipstick stained coffee mug as she rode through the streets of London in her blue, mod-inspired newsboy hat and bold cat eye sunnies. The hat's gold embellishments brought just the right pop of color, and her natural looking makeup and perfectly bold eyebrows made the look easily fit into either era of style.

1. Start With A Jumpsuit

Blue Printed Jumpsuit, Vince Camuto, $128

2. Add A White Sweater

Floral Crochet Cardigan, Forever 21, $22.90

3. Pick A Mod-Inspired Hat

(Blue Wool Newsboy Cap, Etsy, $120)

4. Finish The Look With Stand-Out Sunnies

Mohotani Sunglasses, Dior, $315

It's the recipe for one winning mod-inspired look!