'PLL' Promo Hints That Aria Spent Time In Radley

by Rosie Narasaki

It's practically a Pretty Little Liars rite of passage to have an "Aria is A" theory, and the latest episode just added a lot of kindling to the fire. Could Aria have been in Radley on Pretty Little Liars ? It may sound a little crazy (though I ask you, what doesn't sound a little crazy on PLL?), but the promo for Season 6 Episode 5, "She's No Angel," showed that someone has a Radley-infused past, and I'm betting it was referring to Aria. After all, the sneak peek showed glimpses of dialogue between Sara, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but Aria was conspicuously not a part of the conversation. First, we heard Sara say "I've seen her a couple of times. Someone in a black hoodie," as we flashed to an image of Aria. Then, we continued to get glimpses of Aria snooping around, as we heard the following conversation between the three other Liars:

Emily: She was in Radley.

Hanna: When?

Spencer: Long enough to know Charles.

It's nothing concrete, sure, but the way it was all edited together was pretty darn incriminating for Miss Aria. Check out the full promo below.

As Tumblr user takeanempanada pointed out, this isn't the first time Aria's mental health history has been less than clear. Eddie Lamb mysteriously recognized her when she decided to volunteer at the institution, and she already had a patient file with Doctor Sullivan.

It's all very suspicious, and when you add it to the fact that this episode ranneth over with Radley references (which mysteriously closed while we weren't looking) you've got yourself a bona fide new Aria theory. As Spencer pointed out, if Charles is actually dead, "A must be someone Charles knew at Radley." It's looking more and more like one of the Liars could end up being A on the show — could this finally be the missing link we've been waiting for?

Then, there's the episode title. Now, on a show like PLL, "She's No Angel" could refer to just about anyone — the ever-more shady Jessica DiLaurentis (who may or may not have faked Charles' death), the damaged Sara Harvey (seriously, what's her deal?), the suspiciously innocent Alison — like I said, basically anyone. But if all this Radley stuff turns out to be more than misleading editing, it could be a really nice nod to Aria's hidden past at the mental institution. Plus, if we're going off of episode titles, Episode 9's "Back to Radley" could signal the return of a former patient — obviously, that could be in reference to Charles or Spencer (both confirmed Radley attendees), but now we might be able to expand that list to include one Aria Montgomery.

So, could Aria have stayed at Radley? And if she did, does this mean she's on the A Team? Or is she Uber A? Or Black Widow? Any way you cut it, Radley's definitely going to be a big factor in the #SummerofAnswers. As Spencer so eloquently put it, "All roads lead to Radley." For more Radley and Aria theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (2)