Wanna Throw An 'Empire' Viewing Party? Here's Everything You Need Starting With Cookies

If you are a fan of the show Empire, I'm sure you are more than excited to watch the new episodes when Empire Season 2 premieres. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while until then (Sept. 23 to be precise), but in the meantime, you can rewatch the first season and even try to convert any of your friends who don't watch into fans the show. It's going to be a long summer, so you might as well get together with your friends to enjoy old season one episodes together. And the best way to do this is by throwing an Empire viewing party for your crew.

In true Empire fashion, you'll have to be a lot more fabulous than just sitting around in the living room with the TV on and some chips. You can do so much better than that. You need to be more over the top. You need more to make this a party that truly epitomizes what Empire is all about. There are plenty of things you can do to give your viewing party that Empire vibe. From setting the mood to serving the perfect food, and even playing games.

Luckily for you and your squad, I have put a lot of thought into this so you do not have to. Here are some ideas to inspire you. (And if you want to wait and use these ideas for when Season 2 premieres, go for it and I respect your patience.)

Send An Invitation

There's no need to waste paper, but there's nothing wrong with making a pretty e-vite to make your event more official. This really amps up the hype for the viewing party.

Set A Dress Code

You could have everyone wear all white in homage to the white party from Season 1. Or you can just suggest that your friends wear outfits inspired by the show. Wouldn't it be great to see your girls emulating that Cookie signature style with a fedora, animal print, and fur? You know you want to see that.

Bake Some Cookies

We all knew this very obvious connection was coming. The best character on the show is a woman named Cookie Lyon, so you're pretty much obligated to bake some cookies.

Serve Some Animal Crackers

Why would we have animal crackers if we already have cookies? Because of the lions on the animal crackers. These could symbolize the tough Lyon family taking out their competitors. Plus, you can never have too many snacks.

Decorate With Some Pillows

In the season finale of Empire, Cookie tried to smother Lucious with a pillow when he was in bed. Then he gave her a pillow as a passive aggressive gift to show that he knew what she did. I don't suggest that you act like them, but filling up the couches with a plethora of decorative pillows would make a nice thematic touch.

Sip Some Alcohol

The Lyon family always seems to be celebrating something, so it makes sense to buy some alcohol for a viewing party. Just don't get too into the show and throw a full glass at a friend. That's a waste of a drink anyway.

Play A Drinking Game

The night could go from zero to 100 real quick, depending on the rules your crew decides on. For instance, you could take a sip every time Cookie throws shade or every time there is a flashback scene. You can make up the rules together depending on how drunk you're trying to get.

Make A Playlist For The Commercials

Download some music from the show and compile a playlist to listen to during the commercial breaks. Just because the show is taking a break, it doesn't mean that you have to.

Now that you have some great ideas for what to do, the only thing you need is episodes of Empire 's first season. Or some extreme patience. Choice is yours.

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