'Empire' Is The Best, So Here's How To Convince Your Stubborn Friends To Watch In 11 Easy Steps

When I'm not talking about Empire, I'm just waiting for someone else to bring it up. And when that doesn't happen, I just get so confused because I have no idea how there are still some people who don't watch this show. Empire 's first season was full of shocking moments, which made it one of the best shows on television. I'm not exaggerating by any means. It really is that good.

Empire is a show that has something for everyone. You can watch it with the whole family — well, if the whole family is 13 or older, in my opinion, anyway. My point is that this show has it all going on. That's why I don't understand how there are people who didn't tune in each week when Season 1 was on or that those people still aren't catching up online.

Us fans of the show need to get our friends in on the phenomenon, and there are plenty of ways to convince people to watch Empire. There are so many valid points you can make to appeal to anyone with a soul. Still, I know that some people can be stubborn or maybe they just think they're too busy to incorporate a new show into their television schedule. But lucky for you, I have your argument all figured out and I have come up with 11 reasons you can use to get your friends to start watching Empire.

1. The Music

The Empire soundtrack is honestly fantastic. The music is produced by Timbaland so you know you're getting some high quality beats. Plus, all of the actors on the show are actually great singers and rappers. But the best thing about it is that the music is so well-integrated into the show that it is not corny at all. The musical performances all make sense with the plot and do not feel at all cheesy.

2. The Cookie Moments

Cookie is the best character on the show. Everything she says becomes instantly meme-worthy and iconic. She will have you laughing long after an episode ends.

3. The Hustle & Flow Allusions

OK, there are not actual allusions to Hustle & Flow, but every time the show gives us a Cookie and Lucious flashback, it makes me feel like Empire is actually a sequel to the Hustle & Flow and it's fantastic.

4. The Guest Stars

This show really pulls in the A-list guest stars. Naomi Campbell was on as a feisty cougar. Snoop Dogg appeared in the season finale. And the list of upcoming guest stars keeps getting bigger and better.

5. The Good Looking Cast

Yes, the show is great and the actors are talented, but I cannot deny that they are also a very good looking bunch. That definitely makes it more enjoyable to watch.

6. The Constant Love Triangles

There are too many love triangles to count on this show. There are exes getting back together while dating other people. A son getting with his father's ex. A couple with an open marriage. The romances on Empire are like a revolving door full of intrigue.

7. The Way It Tackles Real Issues

Empire is unique because it tackles serious topics like ALS, suicide, bipolar disorder, racism, and more in a realistic way. Yes, the situations are dramatic for TV, but there's nothing preachy about the way the show handles them.

8. The Plot Twists

You'll never be able to predict what will happen next on Empire. Every single episode is full of jaw-dropping surprises.

9. The Fashion

The Lyon family is very wealthy and has no qualms showing that off through their fashion choices. Each outfit is over the top and captivating.

10. The Scheming

You never know for sure where loyalties lie when it comes to the Lyon family. Everyone is looking out for themselves and there are always some secret schemes going on.

11. The Buzz

Everyone who is anyone is watching Empire so you should be a part of the phenomenon and contribute to the conversation.

With these reasons, you're friends won't stand a chance in denying Empire any longer.

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