How The 'PLL's Would Celebrate #LoveWins

Friday was a historic day for America, as the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional, making gay marriage legal in all 50 states. It's a great step forward that has people across the country rejoicing, and I have a feeling that over in Rosewood, the Pretty Little Liars are celebrating too. Not only is Emily Fields one of the most inspiring LGBT characters on TV, but considering how supportive her three best friends have been, you know they'd be thrilled. Plus, the upcoming Pretty Little Liars Season 6 time jump should put the Liars into 2016, meaning the decision will have already happened, making it legal for Emily to marry whoever she wants, wherever she wants (start crossing those fingers, Emison fans).

In fact, I like to think that, like many real-life LGBT allies, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria decided not to get married until it was legal for Emily to marry as well. Can't you just see the three of them making that promise, and insisting that as soon as it was legally possible, they be her bridesmaids? We may never get to actually see that heartwarming scene, since Season 6B will pick up after this ruling happened, but I'm just going to assume that right now, in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the Liars are together to celebrate this historic day and maybe start a planning a few weddings...

Here's how they'd each react.

Emily Would Be Quietly Thrilled & Emotional

Though she may be the only Liar directly affected by the SCOTUS decision, I think Emily would have the quietest reaction. She's not one to get loud, but that doesn't mean she's not completely ecstatic at the news. She'd be happy for the progress, thankful for her friends' support, and excited for the future, and only those who know her best would be able to read of all that from her reaction. She'd also use the opportunity to post a beautiful message on social media meant to inspire other LGBT teens.

Hanna Would Immediately Start Planning Everyone's Wedding (Especially Her Own)

Now that it's legal for all of them, Hanna would celebrate with some champagne and epic rainbow eye makeup, and then get right into planning mode. She'd start coming up with themes and color schemes for every Liar's future nuptials — whether or not they're currently in a relationship. Also, she'd immediately get engaged to Caleb, because the only thing they were waiting for to get hitched was marriage equality.

Aria Would Freak Out & Then Photograph History In The Making

Aria's reaction would basically be the complete opposite of Emily's. She'd be dancing all over the place, yelling, hugging everyone in arm's reach, and making sure the world knows just how ecstatic she is. Once that subsided, she'd whip out her camera to document the various celebrations happening, and get one perfect shot of the four Liars embracing.

Spencer Would Read The Entire SCOTUS Opinion & School Any Haters

Spencer would not take this ruling lightly. After hugging Emily, Spencer would be on her laptop as everyone else parties around her, reading the justices' full opinion down to the letter, to make sure she knows exactly what this ban means. She'd also use the opportunity to memorize a few choice lines to throw back at any haters not supportive of the ban.

Of course, the most important part thing is that the Liars would be together on the day that #LoveWins, because just like they support each other through every hardship, they celebrate every victory together.

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