Eddie Redmayne & Prince William Reunited At A Polo Match & Here Are 7 Things The Two May Have Discussed, From Quidditch To #RelationshipGoals — PHOTO

ICYMI, a royal bromance transpired on Friday, July 3, when Prince William and Best Actor Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne, enjoyed a chat at a polo match in Cambridge, England. The Duke of Cambridge and the Hollywood A-lister were happy to reunite, according to People. Apparently, the duo's friendship stretches back to their teenage years, when both men attended the regaled Eton College — "the equivalent of high school in the United States" — located in Berkshire, England. Along with being former classmates, Prince William and Redmayne also played on a rugby team together, and were both selected as members of Eton College's super exclusive Eton Society, which People noted has some Harry Potter connotations.

Both Prince William and Redmayne have been keeping extremely busy. On May 2, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and The Royals are set for Royal Baby #2's christening on July 5. As for Redmayne, it was announced on June 1 that the actor had been slated to play Newt Scamander in the upcoming Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. With their schedules unremittingly packed, it's nice to see the former classmates and friends being able to take time out for a reunion.

Given their long history, I'm sure the two had a lot to catch up on — but what exactly did they discuss? I have no way of knowing for sure, but just for fun, let's look at some hypothetical talking points that could have made their way into the duo's chat.

Past Quidditch Matches

OK, I doubt that an actual quidditch match ever took place between Prince William and Redmayne, but a girl can dream.

Paparazzi Stories

Prince William and Middleton are arguably the most photographed people in the world. Still, as an Oscar winner, Redmayne faces his own share of media scrutiny. I'm sure each had plenty of interesting stories to swap.

Prince George & Princess Charlotte's Unparalleled Cuteness

It's pretty undeniable.

What It's Like To Win An Oscar

In my mind, Prince William would be just as curious about this as I am.

Spoilers For The Harry Potter Prequel

I think the wand yielding in the above GIF is all the proof you need that Prince William and Middleton would be dying to learn more about Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Secrets To Winning At Marriage

Both Prince William and Redmayne have marriages that top our list of #RelationshipGoals.

Who Is The Most Charming?

Obviously, I don't actually believe these two would go fisticuffs over who the most charming lad is. If anything, the two would have the most polite argument in existence until ultimately deciding to call it a tie.

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