7 Things People Who Hate Foundation Will Relate To

by Melodi Erdogan

I absolutely hate wearing foundation, and thus avoid it like the plague. While I can handle a few foundation-related breakouts and the occasional cake face, those are just a few of the things individuals who hate wearing foundation will understand. As a child, though, I thought foundation was the nectar of the gods. I used to watch television commercials filled with stunningly beautiful models rocking flawless skin while enjoying a delicious lunch, laughing in the park, or generally having what seemed to be the time of their lives.

Being that young, however, I had yet to understand that foundation wasn’t necessarily the answer to all of my prayers. As I got older, when puberty kicked in and I started regularly getting zits, breaking out, and cursing the world because of it, foundation never made me feel better about my skin. Of course, this isn't true for everyone and some humans generally adore their foundation, but for me, well, it only made me feel worse.

When you think about it, foundation is like a veil or a mask that a lot of people find essential in order to show their faces in public — which is really kind of sad. Like I said, it's every individual's prerogative whether or not to wear foundation or anything else, but I find it a total hassle to maintain. As much as I sometimes wish I had "perfect" skin to go with a "perfect" life like in those makeup commercials, I don't — and that's OK!

If you understand the sentiment, here are seven things people who hate wearing foundation will be able to relate to.

1. The Tedious Application Process

Applying foundation is easily the most tedious type of makeup application. You can definitely challenge me by throwing fake lashes and dark lipstick into the mix, but foundation takes the cake.

When applying foundation, you have more to think about than the product itself. You need a special brush or sponge, and you have to be able to move that tool in the right direction. You'll then need to spend at least three minutes blending it in. And remember, you have to set it with powder or else it won’t be long-lasting. Quite frankly, that is way more effort than I personally ever want to put into my makeup.

2. The Annoying Removal Process

If you thought the application process seemed difficult, the removal process will be no different. It's technically easy to wipe away foundation with a makeup remover cleanser or wipe. However, that foundation has probably seeped into your pores, so those pores need to be cleaned now too. Don’t forget to tone, and if you have dry spots caused by your foundation, you probably need to moisturize as well.

3. The Inevitable Breakouts

Sure, my face looks flawless with this foundation on. But, oh wait, let me wash it off. Check out all my huge pores and, erm, is that a new zit by my nose? And another, on my chin?

The whole thing seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Every foundation that I’ve used has only clogged my pores and broken me out. While this obviously isn't the case for everyone, the whole process simply isn't worth it for me.

4. Finding The Right Shade And Texture

When I first started attempting to use foundation, it took me months to find the right shade. There are pink shades, there are green shades. There are matte formulas or moisturizing ones. You can get one that covers dark spots or one that makes your pores instantly disappear.

It’s pretty overwhelming, to be honest. Most times you don't even know what will work well for you until you already have it on and catch a glimpse of yourself that reveals you have a great big shadow line highlighting the different hue between your face and neck.

5. Having It Melt Off Your Face

With all the beaming heat of summer and early fall, you'll probably want to be outside. You won't, however, want to feel your extremely expensive foundation melt off your face.

There's no feeling quite like your makeup dripping off your face and into thin air (or your beautiful white top) because of humidity. Sometimes, not even the best matte foundation and the strongest powder combination can hold up against it. Trust me, I used to live in South Florida, so I know.

6. Cake Face

With foundation, it’s really easy to get that plastered, thick skin look, more commonly known as "cake face." Since the foundation is supposed to mimic your skin’s color and texture, it should blend into your face easily and flawlessly. Oftentimes, however, I want extra coverage and end up using more product than necessary. That's when the dreaded cake face makes its appearance.

I know that there are people out there who apply foundation so well you can never tell they’re wearing it. There are also those who intentionally create a cake face situation because it makes them feel good — both of which are totally cool. Foundation haters, however, just can't handle the clunkiness.

7. Appreciating Your Natural Skin For What It Is

When you don’t use foundation, you’re forced to look at your skin from a new perspective. For me, not wearing foundation has helped me appreciate my skin for what it is. Even if it's zitty and red, I've found a way to love it anyway.

Images: Melodi Erdogan