‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Shawn B. With Kids Is The Cutest Thing Ever & These Photos Will Brighten Your Whole Day

This most recent season of The Bachelorette has been like a televised case of whiplash. One second, fans think Kaitlyn's the most feminist Bachelorette of all time. The next, they're wondering if this is the worst season of all time. But the one thing I hope all Bachelorette viewers can say confidently is that they want to see a roundup of Shawn Booth's cutest kid moments from Instagram. Whether you are convinced that Shawn B. is the obvious winner of The Bachelorette and Kaitlyn's heart or you merely vaguely think that he should be the maybe winner of Kaitlyn's heart (she has the ever-elusive "connection" with Nick, you guys), a guy on TV who manages to have great relationships with his tiny niece and nephew is an impressive thing. A guy who also looks sort of like Ryan Gosling in his peak "Hey Girl" phase if you're not wearing your glasses and also haven't looked at Ryan Gosling since 2009? That's just The Bachelorette toying with America's single women.

Whether Shawn winds up getting cut in the very next episode or manages to win the whole thing, he's already proven that he's a dynamite future dad, a patient and caring uncle, and that there's nothing more photogenic than a guy being cute with members of the next generation. Seriously, those kids can make anything look good.

1. Chilling On The Couch

What would otherwise be a completely normal couch sit is now adorable. Also, note his deployment of calling his niece his "favorite girl." Could that be a subtle way of signaling that he doesn't end up with Kaitlyn??

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2. Treating Shawn Like A Jungle Gym

Wrangling two kids at once is the ultimate multitask. And both kids look safe and happy — practically impossible.

3. Rooting For Shawn To Win The Bachelorette

These are the best fans that a Bachelorette contestant could wish for. Can you imagine the grilling Kaitlyn would get on a hometown visit from these two? Dying from sweetness.

4. Building A Gingerbread House

Three generations of Booth (well, members of the Booth extended family) men working together to build a tiny, edible house in order to celebrate the holidays. Perfection.

5. Being An Unborn Surprise

Even though Shawn is putting up a big show that his niece was a disappointment, I'd bet that even before she was born, she was his instant favorite.

6. Being A Tiny Shadow Next To Shawn's Big Shadow

I mean ... This is unbearably cute.

7. Letting Shawn Practice His Dad Skills

Looks like from the little guy's face, Shawn is proving to be a very good stay-at-home-dad substitute.

8. Flying In The Air

Even defying the laws of physics is not beyond the limits of Shawn's uncle time.

9. Just Hanging Out

Shawn's message seems to be, "Look, Kaitlyn. Look at how wonderful even our downtime could be if we ended up together." I have to say, even though Shawn has his Bachelorette drawbacks, if I was Kaitlyn? I'd be scrolling through Shawn's Instagram and either patting myself on the back for choosing the right guy, or having a twinge of regret.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC