This Is What Cancers Love In Bed

If you're a Cancer, it might be time to invest in some nipple clamps. Astrologist Mecca of My Life Created has a lot to say about sex tips for Cancers, and some of it is pretty racy. "Physically, Cancer rules the breasts," she says. So ask your lover to pay attention to your breasts, whether it's with a mouth, hands or, why not, nipple clamps. You could even play around with some lubrication designed for amping up sensitivity. Or some ice cubes. Or a sensual breast massage. Or whatever other depraved and adventurous things you can do in the arena of breast.

Just be sure to actually ask for what you need, Mecca says. It's possible you'll get so carried away with being the best lover ever, you might forget to make a few requests now and again. If you're into something in particular or have a fantasy in mind, don't be scared to voice it. And if you're not sure what you're into, seize the day. It's time to explore yourself, ask yourself what really gets you going, and find someone with whom to make it happen. Probably, says Mecca, a Capricorn.

1. You're A Doting Lover

To get things kicked off, know this: "Cancer is a water sign, and ruled by the moon," Mecca says. "An archetype that is associated with motherhood and caregiving, this means that Cancers often make for very doting, tender and eager to please lovers." If you're a Cancer, you're mega nurturing, and you probably love doing things like creating a special sexy night for your partner. But be sure to give as well as receive: "Sexually, Cancers sometimes have a hard time receiving the pleasure that they're so willing to give, which can make them prone/vulnerable to selfish lovers," Mecca says. Try a Capricorn for some good love. "Capricorn is equally willing to please (as they must be seen as skilled in whatever they do), and can help Cancers to feel appreciated and less needy." They're on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, and can provide the stability Cancers crave.

2. Think Of Food As Foreplay

"Because Cancers are very much like their crustacean counterparts, preferring to hide out at home as opposed to a wild night on the town, a big turn on for them is a hot and heavy cuddle session on the couch," says Mecca. "Want to get into a Cancer's pants or panties? Invite them over for a home-cooked meal and then make it a Netflix night. Before you can even press play, they'll be all over you." Or vice versa: If you're a Cancer, you'll swoon if your new beau makes a coq au vin with your name on it. "As the the foodies of the zodiac (next to Taurus), they'll be touched at the gesture of a home cooked meal (because nourishment = love), and food is an aphrodisiac."

3. One Word: Boobs

If you're a Cancer, you might have particularly nice breasts, Mecca says: "It's not uncommon for the women of this zodiac to have been blessed here." Regardless of the size and shape, it's likely you're extra sensitive in this area, leading to better, more sensuous sex. "Both the men and the women tend to have really sensitive nipples, and should incorporate nipple play before and during sex," she says. "If they don't have a pair already, introducing a Cancer to a classy pair of nipple clamps really amps up the pleasure factor by intensifying his/her orgasms. If your Cancer is too shy or too (physically) sensitive to try clamps, licking, sucking, or squeezing their nipples can also do the trick.

4. You Might Not Be DTF An NSA Hookup.

Cancers are lovers — but maybe not one-night stands, Mecca says. "Overall, when it comes to sex and intimacy, Cancers need partners that they can open up to and who don't mind them sharing their deep emotions," she says. "This is why one-night stands and casual relationships aren't really a Cancer's forte. As a water sign, their basic instinct is to merge with their partner emotionally, physically, etc., so they definitely need to be with a lover who feels the same. Otherwise, a Cancer can risk having their feelings badly hurt. As such, a good match for them would be a Capricorn. Capricorns sit opposite Cancers on the zodiac wheel but can offer them the stability that they crave.

5. You Can Find Your Best Sex Positions In The Kitchen Drawer

Try spooning or scissoring, Mecca says: "Both are made for really intimate yet passionate sex." Scissor sex is particularly good for intimate sex, and it's great for clitoral stimulation, says Good to Know. If you've never tried it, it's easy: Lie facing each other, and put your top leg over your partner's hip. They hold your butt, you put your arm around their waist, and use your bottom leg against your partner's as leverage. Voila. This can work as well with a woman as it can with a man, which might appeal to Cancer's feminine (ruled by the moon) side. It also offers nonstop opportunities for kissing.

And "the Spoon especially incorporates the cuddling and full body contact that Cancers love," says Mecca. Both positions are all about intimacy — think of them both as snuggle sex — and both will satisfy the cuddly side of crabby Cancers. For extra points, find a Capricorn with whom to spoon.

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