How Will Bennett Return To ‘Orange Is The New Black?’ 6 Ways He Could Make Things Right

Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black was full of jaw-dropping moments, the worst of which was Bennett's out-of-character desertion of Daya in the eleventh hour. Most of us our hoping that Bennett will return for Daya in OITNB Season 4 and I can't help but imaging how Bennett would return for Daya and the baby.

Jonathan Bennett, despite being a bit of a rule breaker, has always been a good guy (or has fooled us into thinking he was for three seasons).There are many skeptics who believe that Bennett's ship has officially sailed due to speculation about the conflict between Matt McGorry's schedule with How To Get Away With Murder. I, however, am in the camp steadfastly hoping that Bennett will come back for his baby mama and unborn child.

No matter how scared he might be, no matter how complicated his situation is, that doesn't change the fact that Bennett loves Daya and he loves his baby. Bennett is going to come back. He has to come back. Right?!

Though you can never really know what Orange Is The New Black is going to throw at us next, I am choosing to walk the path of blind optimism and spend my time focusing on all the ways that Bennett could return to Daya on OITNB .

He Comes Crawling Back And Daya Forgives Him

Everyone gets cold feet. Everyone makes mistakes. I think if Bennett were to come back, admit he messed up, and ask for her forgiveness that Daya would take him back. It might not be right away and he might have to work for it but I think Daya knows Bennett means well and trusts that he wants what's best for their family.

He Comes Crawling Back But Receives The Cold Shoulder From Daya

It's hard to imagine that Bennett left without having regrets about his decision later on. If Bennett comes back, I could see him crawling back to Daya on his hands and knees, begging for forgiveness. However, Daya, being the strong woman we know and love, would probably refuse to take him back (at least at first).

He Comes Crawling Back But Receives The Cold Shoulder From Daya's Mother

An even more likely scenario would be that Bennett regrets his decision, comes back to Daya, and asks for forgiveness. Daya, despite initial hesitation, forgives him because she loves him and wants to fight for her family. However, her meddling mother (as usual) steps in and manipulates all of the parties involved to do whatever is best for her.

Bennett Returns And Reveals That He Only Fled Out of Fear For His Life

Bennett comes back to Daya to reveal that he didn't desert her, rather, he disappeared because Cesar found out that he dumped the crib and went after him. We all know Cesar is a bit trigger happy. His weird fondness for Bennett, coupled with his fiery temper, could easily result in him going after Bennett if he thought Bennett was trying to kick Daya to the curb like his gifted crib. Bennett could come back and reveal that he only ran away to lie low for awhile.

Bennett Has Been Out Securing A Different Career For Himself

One day, Daya is going to find out she has a visitor, only to walk out and see that it's Bennett sitting there, in plain clothes. He will reveal that he left to lay down roots in a different city and secure a different career path so he could marry Daya and raise their baby without any conflicts.

Bennett Doesn't Return

I don't even want to contemplate this as an actual possibility. I need more of that goofy face.

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