'Bach' Fans Should Stop Criticizing Nick Viall

Haters going hate, man. No matter what happens this season, some people are bound and determined to see Nick Viall as the villain of The Bachelorette. Really, I think that none of the other contestants had enough real attitude and personality (sorry, fellas) to be spun into the villain of the show, so the producers did what they could with Nick. That, and the fact that Kaitlyn kept sending their potential villains home, because she is a boss (Hello, Kupah, Clint, and Ian.) Now that it's down to the final two, everyone on #TeamShawn is getting pretty aggressive about their anti-Nick opinions. But, when you come right down to it, all of the criticisms Nick is facing are pretty ridiculous, not to mention rude. Honestly, the complaints became a little predictable after a few weeks. It seems like forever ago that the big drama was him coming onto the show in the first place, and yet everyone is STILL talking about it.

I don't think it would ever be easy to date on national television, but I think Nick has it a little worse than most. Here are the main complaints that all Nick fans (and probably Shawn fans as well because it's getting old, guys) are super tired of hearing.

1. "He's Just Trying To Get Famous"

Fact: Nick has been on two seasons of The Bachelorette. Does this make him fame hungry? Sure, it's not a sign of his being the most private guy on the planet, but literally anyone who signs up for a dating show is trying to get at least some level of fame. Even you, Shawn. Why this is something only Nick gets attacked for is beyond me.

2. "He's Not There For The Right Reasons"

This one cracks me up, because people have been using this as the ultimate insult on every dating show since the dawn of reality TV. It's code for being a fame-monger and as I said above, who isn't? He also clearly likes Kaitlyn, and my guess is he's trying to make a real go out of finding a lasting relationship. He's definitely here for the right reasons.

3. "He's A Flip-Flopper"

For a usually pretty PG show, this season of The Bachelorette has actually been pretty hot and heavy. Everyone was super fast to point out that Nick slept with Kaitlyn after getting upset with Andi for her romantic inclinations. A lot has been said about this already, so I'll just leave it at this: He's evolved to have some seriously solid views on sex.

4. "He's Still Into Andi"

Yeah, we get it. He used to proclaim his love for Andi and now he's into Kaitlyn. Here's the thing, though: People get over old girlfriends (or boyfriends). It happens. He's moved on; I suggest we all do the same.

5. "He's A Creeper"

Yeah, he jumped into a show he wasn't originally cast on and yes, he pushes for alone time when other contestants just sit back and wait for Kaitlyn to come to them. That's called knowing how to play the game folks, and it's what Kaitlyn likes about him.

6. "Smug, Much?"

Similar to being a creeper, some people think Nick is just too smug for words. I guess I could see why this would bother you if you hate confidence and don't like it when a guy is straight about his intentions. Then yeah, he's totally smug.

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