Things Nick Viall Fans Can't Stand Hearing

Attention, Nick Viall haters: we need to have a chat. It seems like the majority of people I converse with about this season's The Bachelorette have this unbridled ire toward the contender. I know that Viall is not perfect, but who is? Of all the Bachelorette contestants this season, it seems like Viall has received a considerable amount of flack both on-camera and off. His rival, Shawn Booth, is about ready to go fisticuffs with him every episode as of late, and no other contestant seemed to be thrown as much shade as him since he entered the house. Then, there's the finger-wagging that seems to be congesting my Twitter feed over that whole Viall hooking up with Kaitlyn Bristowe thing, just as he had with Andi Dorfman when he previously appeared as a contestant — and subsequent runner-up — during Dorfman's season of Bachelorette. Honestly, though, what is wrong with two consenting adults having sex? Sure, these things don't usually play out to a national audience via a reality show, but it's their choices nonetheless, and I see no reason to chastise any party for such actions.

With that being said, I can understand how some of Viall's choices have raised a few eyebrows. There were his off-color remarks and oversharing during Dorfman's Bachelorette: Men Tell All, that whole plane incident (yikes), and some felt that Viall didn't properly earn a spot in the house this season, being that he kind of just showed up randomly at a party four episodes in.

Look, guys, Bristowe wanted him to stay so bad that she placed him in the top two. As Selena Gomez would say, "The heart wants what it wants." In case you're not properly convinced of why Viall does not deserve his bad rap, I've composed a list of several things you should never say to a Viall fan. Whether or not you're properly convinced by the end of this post, please kindly attempt to refrain from saying these things to us Viall fans in the future, mmmkay? Enjoy!

1. "He Doesn't Deserve To Be In The House"

Um, doesn't the crowned Bachelorette get to decide who should and who should not get to be in the house? I actually think it's kind of sweet that Viall entered Bristowe's life so serendipitously. Sure, crashing a party isn't exactly a page straight out of a fairytale, but I love anything that resembles romantic happenstance.

2. "Remember What He Said On Men Tell All?"

Yes, I remember that — of course I remember that. I will grant that his choice of words and level of disclosure was not copacetic. I don't think that certain actions should necessarily be excused, but can we all take a moment to acknowledge the guy had just gotten his heart broken? People make mistakes, but they don't normally have a national audience.

3. "What Was Up With That Plane Video?"

Again, it probably would have been a better choice for Viall to simply put in his headphones and leaf through an issue of SkyMall than vent all his issues with the show and other things. Still, let's keep in mind once again that this guy was likely still feeling jilted, and we all have had an incident of needing to insert our foot into our mouths.

4. "I Don't Like His Hair"

His coif is a masterpiece made of silken waves and happiness.

5. "Shawn B. Is Better"

Not to disrespect the glory that is Ryan Gosling's lookalike, but no — just NO. I actually thoroughly enjoy Booth, but Viall will always reign supreme.

6. "All The Contestants Hated Him"

Um, it's called a "competition" for a reason, guys. People are invariably going to experience some conflict, particularly when they're up against such a formidable opponent like Viall.

7. "He Is Probably Just On Bachelorette For Publicity"

If you've paid close enough attention to both of Viall's stints on Bachelorette, you can clearly see that the frontrunner has expressed genuine feelings for both Dorfman and Bristowe. Another indication that Viall has been genuine in his love for Bristowe is the notable concerns his family expressed over seeing Viall hurt again, should he not be selected as the Bachelorette winner.

There you have it. Regardless of what you feel about Viall, keep in mind the intense pressures and scrutiny — not to mention substantial editing — people are placed under when they sign on to have all their choices displayed to a national audience. If you take a gander at Viall's activity off-camera, it is undeniable that he is a really great guy. Viall even contributed a thoughtful piece to Bustle on tips for getting over a breakup, and the blog was chock full of valuable advice. Let's give Viall the props he truly deserves, shall we?

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