6 Times Clay Made 'BB' Boring

Clay Honeycutt of Big Brother 17 is a treat on the eyes but, as far as game strategy goes, he's not the most interesting person to watch in the Big Brother house. In Big Brother, sometimes the best strategy isn't always the most intriguing to the viewers. Clay is arguably doing well in the game but, when it comes down to it, Clay is making Big Brother less interesting. For the viewers' sake, it'd be nice to see him shake things up a bit.

There's a part of me that really wants to like Clay. I think there's a big part of him that means well and I don't think he's completely insincere. However, his backseat driving of Shelli's game, coupled with his conspicuous lack of competition wins despite his clear physical advantage, seems a bit fishy to me.

I don't trust Clay and, even worse, I'm not entertained by Clay. Yes, he's beautiful but beautiful doesn't necessarily make for interesting TV. Clay is boring his way through the Big Brother game and I can only hope that he switches up his strategy and wakes me up from my boredom-induced slumber. I'm starting to even get bored with his abs, which should say something about how dire things have gotten.

Carrying Out His Vendetta Against Da'Vonne

Da'Vonne had it coming one way or another. She played the game too fast and too hard, making herself a target from the start. The ball was in motion already but Clay took it upon himself to roll that ball more quickly after his tiff with her. It was petty and it got an excellent (and entertaining player) out of the house.

Campaigning Against Audrey

With Da'Vonne out of the way, Clay lead the charge against Audrey, finally culminating in her eviction at the 4th eviction ceremony. Clay kept Audrey close and then eventually turned on her. Clay loves to go against the predictable targets and it's getting a bit predictable.

Using The Same Strategy Over and Over Again

Speaking of predictable, Clay's whole strategy of using Johnny Mac as a pawn for his secret backdoor agendas is getting a little old. I swear if Johnny Mac goes on the block one more time, I am going to cry.

Controlling Shelli's Whole Game

Clay has got it all figured out. Instead of winning competitions and putting a target on his back, he encourages Shelli to win so he can still have the power by using Shelli as a puppet. Shelli gets all the blood in her hands, Clay doesn't have to be the bad guy, and yet he still gets what he wants. A decent strategy perhaps but it does not make for an interesting game.

Being A Part of the Most Boring Showmance Ever

I'm generally skeptical of showmances to begin with but at least the showmances usually provide some much needed drama. Shelli and Clay are just so... meh. They're not so in love that I'm rooting for them because of the romance; they're not volatile enough to be interesting for the drama of it all; and they're not blatantly inauthentic enough that the cringe factor keeps things amusing. They just spoon each other and whisper about how perfect their teeth are as they share haircare tips.

Aligning With Boring People

Any alliance without Jason is an alliance I want no part of. Just saying.

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