11 Football-Inspired Nail Designs That Are Anything But Cheugy

Get your mani ready for the Super Bowl.

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11 non-cheugy  football-themed nail art ideas you'll love.

Maybe you could care less about football, or perhaps you agree with Taylor Swift and think the sport is “awesome.” Either way, there’s a high chance you’ll be watching the Super Bowl come Feb. 11.

While you certainly don’t have to rock Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers merch on game day, you can — at the very least — deck your nails out with a football-inspired design. (Beauty lovers know a perfect manicure occasion when they see one.)

Attention To Detail

When it comes to today’s mani trends, there are two distinct approaches to consider: the minimalists who much prefer neutral, “old money” vibes, or, on the other end of the spectrum, the “more is more” aficionados who are into chrome finishes, aura designs, and intricate details.

No matter your preference, you can nod to the sport with some apropos nail art.

11 Football-Inspired Manicures

Whether you’re in it for the commercials, Usher’s halftime performance, or to watch a good game, keep scrolling for 11 football-inspired nail designs that are perfect for the occasion.


Taylor Swift’s Glittery Mani

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Take cues from the ultimate football girly, T. Swift, who rocked a classic but sparkly peachy neutral manicure to the Chiefs playoff game.


Abstract Football Lace Print

If you’re into a more subtle salute to the NFL, paint some abstract lines on top of a clear or neutral base for a mani that mimics the look of football laces.


Green Turf Chrome Frenchies

You can still be trendy with a set of vibrant green chrome French tips, complete with a 3D texture. If anyone asks, say your nails match the turf.


MVP Star Nail Art

Rock some edgy star-shaped details in any color combo you like to serve big MVP energy, whether you’re rooting for Travis Kelce or not.


Referee-Inspired Micro French Tips

Keep things neutral with a subtle nod to a football-themed manicure by way of some referee-inspired black and white micro French tips.


Team Color Aura Nails

Try an eye-catching aura art manicure with nail polish colors that match your fave team’s jersey. It’s giving team spirit in the chicest way.


Monochromatic French Tips

Whether you paint your nails with your team’s colors or go with a chocolate brown shade that matches a football, monochromatic French tips are always a vibe.


Yellow Flag Details

If you so happen to live for the drama — and by drama, I mean when the referees throw their yellow flags — wear some yellow polish in your manicure for a more understated football-inspired vibe.


Football-Themed Cognac Chrome

Chrome nail lovers can show their game-day enthusiasm by going with a metallic, cognac-colored polish topped with letters and football laces.


Glamorous Gold Trophy Mani

Gold totally counts as a football color — especially when the Lombardi Trophy is at stake. So wish your team (or a team)luck with a luxe mani that features gold leaf details.


Neutral Chrome Nails

Attending a Super Bowl party and don’t even know which teams are playing? Keep your alliance neutral with some on-trend chromatic nails in a neutral polish color. Done and done.

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