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Megan Thee Stallion Cosplayed As Sailor Moon Down To The Eyeshadow

Be still my Millennial heart.

If you just so happen to be a fan of Megan Thee Stallion, you’ll likely know she’s always had a very vocal love for all things anime. And aside from always serving up her fiercest glam-filled looks on trips to Japan — the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper always seems to be spotted either subtly referencing or completely committing to full-on cosplays of her favorite characters.

And her most recent cosplay? Well, my Millennial, Sailor Scout-loving self is utterly obsessed.

Megan Is A Total Sailor Moon Stan

ICYMI, Meg’s newest single — “Mamushi,” created in collaboration with Japanese artist Yuki Chiba — is going completely viral on TikTok (with a dance to match). On July 9, the Texas-born shared a cheeky video of her dancing to the song, and in true Megan fashion, dressed as none other than the title character from Sailor Moon, a ’90s manga-turned-series that still has the girlies in a chokehold.

Wearing the lead character’s classic outfit, Meg all but transformed by way of some playful glam. For her hair, she traded her natural espresso brunette curls for a long blonde install fit with space buns and coquettish bangs. Adding to the doll-like appearance, she wore a frosted silver eyeshadow pigment on her eyes, applied from her inner corners to the bottom of her brows.

As for proof that Meg is a total Sailor Moon stan? This isn’t the only time she’s dressed as the anime icon: In the summer of 2022, she took the stage for a performance in Tokyo in a full Sailor Scout costume (minus the extra-long blonde hair).

She’s Becoming The Cosplay Queen

While Sailor Moon is her most recent fashion inspo, it isn’t the first time the “HISS” artist has cosplayed an anime fave.

While presenting at the 2024 Anime Awards ceremony in Tokyo, Meg took the opportunity to directly reference Bruno Bucciarati of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with her gender-bending ’fit and sleek bob.

Not long before that, she referenced yet another male anime character — namely Ryomen Sukuna of Jujutsu Kaisen — with her tonal pink hair, faux face tattoos, and red-hued contacts in her eyes.

And TBH? Her list of cosplay moments go on and on — but my Millennial self is truly unwell over her take on the iconic Sailor Moon.