"Teddy Bear Blonde" Is The Cozy Girl Hair Color Trend All Over BeautyTok

It’s the bronde of your dreams.

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“Teddy bear blonde” is the super-cute name given to the warm and cozy shade of blonde hair that’s currently all over BeautyTok, where it has over 77 million views. Much like the golden brown fur of your fave plush toy, this hue is the perfect mix of blonde and brunette — and it’s ready to take you into 2024.

This hair color trend features warm, golden tones, says Lorik Rockefeller, a colorist with hair care brand FEKKAI. Unlike a cool-toned icy or ash blonde, teddy bear is more of a “bronde” in that it has soft, almost brunette hues, as well as a few well-placed blonde highlights. “It’s more dimensional and includes a wide range of golden, warm, and honey tones, depending on [your] natural hair color,” he tells Bustle.

When creator @manesbymadi posted her teddy blonde transformation on TikTok, so many comments mentioned that the color made her features pop — and that’s because its warm, natural-looking tones are so flattering.

Since there are so many shades of blonde, it helps to have as many ways to differentiate them as possible. Sure, teddy bear is a lot like dirty blonde — but it has its own twist. Here’s what to know.

Teddy Bear Blonde, Explained

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While you could call this shade bronde or dirty blonde, “teddy bear” stands on its own with warmer tones and softer dimensions that set it apart from the pack, Rockefeller says.

According to George Papanikolas, a hair colorist and brand ambassador at Matrix, this particular hue sits right in the middle of the hair color spectrum, so it’s universally flattering — and it really does make your eyes pop.

It’s also customizable, says Papanikolas. If you want to add more warmth, you can pop in extra caramel or honey. “This color is a great option for brunettes who want to go lighter, or for blondes who want to be a little bit deeper and richer,” he says.

What To Say To Your Colorist

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With new hair color trends coming at us right and left, it can be tricky to get the exact color you’re looking for at the salon. That’s why a reference photo is a must. Show your colorist the TikTok that inspired the look, or a few photos from your warm blonde Pinterest board.

It’ll also help to mention that you’d like dimension in your hair rather than a solid color. The highlights play a key role, too. “Have a conversation with your stylist to ensure they understand that you are not looking for red or orange or ashy tones in your highlights, as sometimes warm tones can be mistaken for red or orange,” Rockefeller says.

To make the most of the color — and to play up your features — get strategic with the placement of highlights, says Papanikolas. Think about adding a few in the front to frame your face, as well as some sparkles of blonde at the crown.

To lock it all in, be sure to ask for a gloss, like the Matrix Tonal Control. “It will act like pantyhose over the highlights, giving you the desired warm end result,” Papanikolas says.

Keeping It Cute

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Teddy bear hair may require a bit more maintenance than your average dye job. “This is due to the fact that [the blonde has] specific tones that can oxidize and turn into an unwanted brassy color,” Rockefeller says.

To maintain the right shade, he recommends using moisturizing masks — like the FEKKAI Super Strength + Repair Mask — and minimizing sun exposure as much as possible.

With any dyed hair, it always helps to shampoo a little less often so that you don’t wash away your coveted color. To get even more brownie points, Rockefeller suggests installing a showerhead filter to keep color-ruining water minerals at bay.

In terms of touch-ups and trips to the salon, Papanikolas recommends stopping back in every three or so months, and you can get glosses every four to six weeks to maintain the perfect warm, teddy bear hue.


Lorik Rockefeller, colorist with FEKKAI

George Papanikolas, hair colorist, brand ambassador at Matrix

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