40 Modern Wedding Nail Designs For Every Bridal Aesthetic

Including glossy neutrals, show-stopping art, and everything in between.

Close-up view of a hand showcasing soft pink marbled manicure with delicate silver glitter accents o...

Anyone has who ever planned a wedding will tell you that every little detail counts, from the dinner menu down to your manicure. But because there are so many possible designs to choose from, deciding how to wear your nails for the event can be a serious challenge. Thankfully, there are *tons* of bridal nail designs out there to match any bride’s big-day vibes.

If ever there was an excuse to go all out for your glam, your wedding day is it. The trick is to treat yourself to whatever style will make you feel most special — just as every event (and relationship!) is unique in its own way, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right look.

In terms of your matrimonial manicure, there are infinite different ways you can go. Minimalists may opt for a modern take on traditional favorites like ballet pink and classic French tips, while those looking to make a bit of a bolder statement can amp things up with glitter, 3D accents, pearl embellishments, and more.

Just as you might have turned to Pinterest for floral arrangement and dress style ideas, seeking out some set inspo before your trip down the aisle can help narrow down the options. So before you say “I do,” check out these 40 bridal nail designs to turn your dream wedding (mani) into a reality.

No matter what type of event you’re planning — from a courthouse ceremony to an all-out destination wedding weekend with 200 guests — there’s a manicure to match, and these bridal nail design ideas will help you find the perfect finishing touch for your big day.

Heart Tips

Covering your tips with a heart shape is a sweet and simple way to put a romantic spin on the classic French manicure.

Boutique Bouquet

Flowers are a huge centerpiece of any wedding, so it’s only fitting that they appear on your nails, too.

Pop Of Red

If Kourtney Kardashian can wear a red nail on her (courthouse) wedding day, so can you. Use it to accent a neutral polish for a subtler take on the show-stopping shade.

Hearts & Tips

Can’t choose between a fun detail and a simple French mani? No problem, because the two designs actually work really well together.

Nude, White, & Gold

This take on the most traditional wedding nail shades — nude and white — feels fun and modern thanks to the addition of gold flakes and marble detailing.

Delicate Details

An intricate set with unique designs, elegant accents, and tasteful touches is exactly what a bride deserves on her big day.

Peek-A-Boo Florals

With delicate detailing and a holographic chrome finish, this subtle daisy design is sure to appeal to manicure minimalists and maximalists alike.

Wrapped With A Bow

If you’re going with the coquette aesthetic for your wedding, a set of French tips with a bow detail is a great way to stick to the theme.

Something Blue

Finding “something blue” to incorporate into your wedding is always a challenge, but this vibrant art gives you an easy way to cross it off the list.

Marbled Silver

Between the light pink base, the ornate white marbling, and the silver flakes, there’s more going on with this manicure than meets the eye. It’s soft enough that it won’t stand out in photos, but look at it closely and you’ll see the beauty in the details.

Flower Stripes

Sure, floral bridal nails aren’t exactly a new concept, but this unique stripe design definitely modernizes the style quite a bit.

Pearl Nails

A set with 3D pearl adornments is perfect for an eccentric bride seeking to step away from tradition.

Ombre Tips

An easy way to make a trendy design like ombre feel timeless is to use two colors that’ll never go out of style, like nude and white.

Silver Stripes

You can never go wrong with a silver set that matches your wedding band, and the stripes on these nails make the metallic mani look youthful yet understated.

Baby Blue Daises

You don’t need to have daises in your bouquet to rock this floral mani, which serves double duty as your “something blue” for the big day.

Sweet Hearts

Nothing says “I love you” quite like tiny red hearts.

Pearly White Chrome

Chrome nails are having a moment right now, and you can include the trend on your big day with a simple white chrome finish that’s both modern and timeless.

Glossy French Mani

If you’re planning a non-traditional wedding, you’ll need a set that flips the timeless French manicure on its head, and a chrome pink base is just the way to do it.

White & Gold Swirls

This modern mani and its wavy designs are perfect for a beach wedding, but will look equally beautiful at any venue.

Subtle Sparkles

This set is perfect for brides who don’t really vibe with glitter, but still want to rock a flashy set on their walk down the aisle.

Baby Pink French Tips

Elevate your everyday French manicure with a baby-pink base for an ultra-feminine look.

Iridescent Set

Iridescent nails are eye-catching and unique, but in a complexion-complimenting shade, they won’t distract from the rest of your wedding glam (or your dress).

French Florals

If you’re looking to add more personality to your white tips, a floral detail on your ring finger will definitely do the trick.

Clear Gold Leaf

Gold flecks on top of clear tips? Talk about feeling like a million bucks on your big day.

Pearls, Chrome, & French Tips

When in doubt, you can always follow in Vanessa Hudgens’ steps and go for a show-stopping chrome and pearl French mani (with super-sized tips) that’s equal parts dramatic and classic.

Rose Champagne

You can never have too much champagne at a wedding, and matching your nails to your drink with a rose-tinted champagne set will look stunning in photos.

3D Florals

A three-dimensional, architectural mani is sure to make your nails look like a work of art.

Neutral Color-Blocking

An updated take on color-blocked nails, this diagonal design is sure to grab your attendees’ attention. Add even more flare by incorporating a chrome top coat or accessorizing with crystal embellishments.

Milky Mani

If you’re looking to go the “clean girl” route with your wedding day glam, the “milk bath” mani might be right up your alley. It’s minimalist, elegant, and easy to maintain.

Soft Baby Pink

A pastel pink set never fails on wedding day, and a warm tone like this one will look great on a tropical honeymoon, too.

Minimalist Marble

This marbled set would perfectly match the vibe at a more modern venue, and would look gorgeous paired with a slinky silk wedding gown.

Put A Ring On It

A set that matches your new bling is such a uniquely glamorous concept.

Clear Tips

Clear-tipped manicures have been buzzing, and if they’re glam enough for the Met Gala red carpet, they’ll be right at home on your wedding day, too.

Glitter Gloss

Nothing makes a bride feel more like a princess than glittery nails. Start with a Britney Spears-inspired “lip gloss” mani, and top it off with some shimmery sparkles.

Double Tips

What’s better than one French tip? Two.

Not Quite White

This opaque, pinky-white shade is sure to be a hit with brides who are going for a more classic vibe.

Pearls, Glitter, & Ombre

You really can have it all on your wedding day, including this maximalist set that combines pearl decals, glitter accents, and an ombre design.

Gold Glitter Ombre

This mani is giving reverse French tip thanks to the pop of glitter on the bottom of the nail.

Diamond Decals

Your new ring doesn’t need to be the only diamond you rock on your wedding day.

Glitter Ombre

If covering each nail in sparkles seems too flashy, you can spread out the shine with an ombre effect.