Breast, Cervical, & Ovarian Cancer

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Rachel Zegler Reveals She Had Breast Cancer Scare

The West Side Story star was only 19 years old when she found a benign lump.

By Radhika Menon

Dawn Butler Paid Tribute To The NHS After Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis

“The NHS has caught my cancer early, and I will make a full recovery.”

By El Hunt
Todo Bien

9 Latinas Explain What Breast Health Stigma Has Meant To Them

"Pudor," or modesty, keeps many Latinas from feeling totally comfortable at the doctor.

By Elsa Cavazos
Without This Woman

Alejandra Campoverdi On How How Her Grandmother Paved The Way For Her Advocacy

The Obama Administration alum reflects on her and her grandmother’s breast cancer journeys.

By Alejandra Campoverdi
Todo Bien

A BRCA Test Could Save My Life, But I Can’t Bring Myself To Take It

There are so many barriers to the test, but this one is seldom discussed.

By Salomé Gómez-Upegui

What Doctors Want You To Know If Breast Cancer Runs In Your Family

By Eden Lichterman

Here’s Why Breast Cancer Can Take A Long Time To Develop

Some tumors grow a lot faster than others.

By JR Thorpe

11 Breast Cancer Statistics Everyone Should Know

#3: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetimes.

By Ayana Lage and JR Thorpe

Researchers Explain How Breast Cancer & Estrogen Are Linked

It’s complicated.

By JR Thorpe

8 Early Signs Of Breast Cancer Doctors Want You To Know About

Your boobs and you both deserve the best care.

By JR Thorpe

Doctors Explain Why Breast Self-Exams Aren’t Actually Recommended Anymore

Plus, what you can do instead.

By Jennifer Gerson

I Found Out I Was BRCA Positive. Then, Naturally, I Googled It

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: thinking about next steps doesn't feel great.

By Sara Altschule

5 Actions To Take This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is all about supporting patients and survivors.

By JR Thorpe

Doctors Explain What To Look For During A Breast Self-Exam

Plus, how often you should be ~feeling yourself~.

By Lauren Dana and JR Thorpe

In As Little As 20 Years, Cervical Cancer Could Be Eliminated In The U.S.

By JR Thorpe

HPV Diagnoses Will Increase In 2020, But That's Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

By Lauren Sharkey