16 Shows & Movies That Are Almost Too Dirty For Netflix


One of the wonders of Netflix is its prolificacy. It's a place you can go to relive the joys of your youth, and to find some seriously sexy content (not with the same movie or TV show, most likely). There's so much variety on one streaming site that it's sometimes easy to get lost in the silly or serious pieces of content without ever discovering the many raunchy movies and shows offered on the site. And what a pity that is, because there are plenty of shows and movies that are almost too dirty to be on Netflix out there for you to watch.

Netflix obviously isn't a porn site, but there are a great deal of movies and shows that will make you wonder how — and why — they passed the site's censors. Actually, on second thought, you probably won't be questioning why so much because, as the old adage goes, it's best to not look a gift horse in the mouth. The site's dirtier fare ranges from art house foreign films to Netflix-produced shows, and they definitely give a new meaning to "Netflix and chill."

Whether or not you're watching these shows and movies to turn up the heat with your partner or just to broaden your Netflix-horizons, these are bound to make you think, "I wonder what this is doing to my algorithm preferences..."

'Nymphomaniac: Volume I And II'

These edgy films are written and directed by Lars von Trier, and the title is pretty much a dead giveaway that the movie is not something you'd want to watch with your S.O.'s parents. Nymphomaniac also fills the gap between Even Stevens' Shia LaBeouf and frequently-arrested performance artist Shia LaBeouf.

'Orange Is The New Black'

The popular Netflix original goes where most network TV's explicitness-parameters cannot. Naturally, if you lock a bunch of people up in an enclosed space with not much to do, naughtiness is gonna ensue.

'Y Tu Mamá También'

This movie has everything. Sex in cars, sex in beds, sex in twos, sex in threes. Everything else in between is pretty great, too. Subtitles optional.


Amar is a Spanish dramedy that little all about sex and relationships. Literally everyone is doing it (or talking about it) all the time. And because it's European, you get to see a whole lot more skin. It's a very, very good thing.

'Below Her Mouth'

This Canadian indie film features a ton of steamy, erotic, sex between women. Both straight, androgynous, and lesbian-identified. It's super hot — and it was created and made by a team of mostly women, so there's no male gaze to be found.


This Argentinian flick is as campy as it is steamy. There was some controversy around its release as it depicts a girl having her first orgasm, and some blasted it as "child pornography." However, director Diego Kaplan defended the scene, saying, "The girls never understood what they were doing, they were just copying what they were seeing on the screen. No adult interacted with the girls, other than the child acting coach. Everything was done under the careful surveillance of the girls’ mothers."


This is both a serious movie about Tinder and dating apps, and also quite steamy. The Verge wrote in its review of the film, that the director seems to be asking, "'What exactly is wrong with dating apps, and whose fault is it?' and he starts to answer the latter half of that question by pointing fingers at the most obvious guilty party: the beautiful people who use them. Whether they can get out of the movie without destroying each other and accepting that guilt becomes the primary source of tension."

'Elisa & Marcela'

This drama about forbidden love is set in 1885, if you like corsets with your steamy love scenes. It's about two women who fall in love with each other but have to keep it secret — until one of them poses as a man in order to get married. It's also based on a true story, which makes it educational and hot.

'Immoral Tales'

This is a French movie with the word "immoral" in the title, so you know it's going to be super hot. You'll definitely want to keep this one in your faves list.


Easy is a series of vignettes that peek into various people's sex lives. It's voyeruism at its finest, and it offers honest insights about how people navigate intimacy.

'A Perfect Ending'

This film is about a woman having a mid-life crisis who reveals a secret to an escort. Sexual, steamy, and very R-rated events ensue.


Like Californication, Shameless is a Showtime series, and it's also very NSFW. Why you would be watching TV at work is unclear, but if you're going to do it, you should probably steer away from Shameless in case a co-worker happens to sneak a peak during one of its many sex scenes. It could cost you a trip to HR.

'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

Its sex scenes have been deemed unrealistic by many LGBTQ vieweres, but Blue is the Warmest Color is still pretty steamy.

'I Am Love'

It takes a while for this movie to heat up, but when it does, it is hot. It's only right that the Italian film on this list should take its time to get real naughty, as the Italians are known for living "la dolce vita" and taking their time to enjoy the ride.


I could rave about Weeds for many reasons — its writing, its acting, and its soundtrack — but we're here to talk dirty, so I'll just say this: Weeds has some of the hottest sex scenes ever to grace Netflix. The fact that so much of its plot revolves around taboos and scandals makes for a great deal of naughtiness.


This is kind of as hot as it gets. Concussion is the story of a bored suburban housewife who starts seeing female sex workers for pleasure. Eventually, she decides to become one herself.

With all of these steamy AF movies to watch on Netflix, you'll start to wonder why you're always re-watching the same sitcoms when you could be... well, you know. Netflix and chill never sounded like a better way to spend the night, alone or with game company.