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I Don’t Need To Wait For The Finale To Know Kaz Is The Real Love Island Winner

From her style to her fire pit facial expressions, here are nine reasons why Kaz deserves the crown.

by Banseka Kayembe
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'Love Island's Kaz

Every series there’s a woman on Love Island who I just can’t help but fall in love with.

In 2019, it was hands down Amber Rose Gill – from her rocky start with season five’s “villain” Michael to her adorable friendship with Ovie to being crowned the nation’s winner with Greg, it was never really a question of who she was coupled up with, Amber won over the nation all by herself.

Danni Dyer was the contestant of season four, melting hearts with her goofiness, honesty, and sage advice for fellow islanders throughout. With other season favourites including the likes of Maura Higgins, Olivia Atwood, Montana Brown, the now Mrs Olivia Bowen, it’s clear the Love Island back catalogue features a serious list of strong women.

This season, without a shadow of a doubt, the star contestant is Kaz. She’s a bright ray of sunshine, serving us fashion looks, emotional maturity, ride or die friendships, incredible energy, and unending optimism.

Despite Kaz being an absolute worldie in terms of both beauty and personality, she’s had a few ups and downs in her quest for love. Hopefully Tyler’s entrance into the villa last week is a sign her luck has changed (Casa Amor fallout pending, but fingers crossed).

However, I don’t need to wait for the finale to declare Kaz my winner. So here are nine moments that have made me fall head over heels for this year’s Love Island woman of the season: Kaz.

She’s Sexually Liberated

Kaz has always been super open about her sexual side. In her opening VT, she admitted she just wants a guy to “rail” her. And to be honest, after a year-and-a-half of enforced pandemic celibacy, aren’t we all there with her? She thinks sex is an important part of a relationship, and she’s not going to settle for less.

Kaz has also absolutely owned it in the villa challenges. She’s given Toby a total dressing down while looking amazing in a police officer outfit, and happily twerked around Aaron as a sexy cat. Let’s be honest, she’s put everyone else’s performance to shame.

She Handled Toby Like A Queen

When Toby clumsily ditched Kaz, after kissing Chloe on the terrace, she handled the situation with complete grace. Not dwelling on a man who clearly didn’t deserve it, she didn’t let him see her upset, held her head high and kept it moving – a woman who knows her worth!

Even in the face of Toby’s immature need to keep talking about the situation (it feels like he’s pulled more people for chats than anyone in Love Island history), she kept her cool, called him out, educated him on what respect really means, and got the apology she deserved. A real queen.

Kaz & Liberty Are Literally Friendship Goals

Honestly, if Liberty and Kaz could be a couple, I’d vote for them to win in a heartbeat. They have such a beautiful, genuine friendship and they are loyal to the hilt. It’s so nice to see them celebrate each other’s wins, and they’re always there for each other when shit hits the fan.

Kaz has been a strong supporter of Liberty’s relationship with Jake from day one, cheering on every milestone. In return, Kaz has had Liberty’s unwavering support, too; Liberty was determined to encourage the spark with Tyler to help Kaz get her man.

If you ever wanted proof that friendship soulmates are real, this is it.

She Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

'Love Island'/ITV

After Chloe full-on stole her man with zero regrets, Kaz had every reason to dislike her. But, Kaz has a heart of gold and never lets herself get petty. She stepped aside, graciously allowing them to crack on and didn’t let it dampen her time in the villa one bit. Besides, karma’s sorted that one out now – with Chloe being dumped by Toby for bombshell Abi – proving it definitely pays to take that high road.

Her Bonnet

'Love Island'/ITV

Most Black women normally keep their afro hair wrapped up in a bonnet to help it retain moisture and reduce frizz. I can’t think of many occasions on a mainstream TV show where I’ve seen this in action though – and sometimes it can be a source of stigma to wear one publicly – so it feels really nice for it to be normalised by Kaz on such a large scale. And, let’s be honest, she wears it very well. She’s stylish, even when sleeping!

Her Solid Friendship With Aaron

'Love Island'/ITV

From claiming he doesn’t like “fiery women” to disliking women with “hairy arms” to falling for a girl whose vocabulary is limited to “reaaaallllyyyy”, Aaron was tough to like at times. But somehow Kaz seemed to bring out the best in him. Their friendship was actually very sweet to see; he had her back and saved her from elimination twice. It’s not often we see opposite sex friendships that are this genuine on Love Island, and it’s largely thanks to Kaz that we all saw some redeeming qualities in Aaron.

Her Energy & Enthusiasm – With Or Without A Man – Is Incredible

'Love Island/ITV

From day one, Kaz has given 10 out of 10 energy and happiness, regardless of her relationship status. You just know she’d be so much fun on a girls night – your go-to friend to pick up your mood no matter what.

She’s spent most of her time in the villa in non-romantic relationships, but her positive vibe has barely wavered. It’s so empowering to be reminded that a woman’s happiness absolutely does not depend on men – even in Love Island.

She Always Looks Incredible

Kaz has given us everything we’d expect from a successful fashion blogger, and then some. From bright coloured bikinis, to marble prints, sexy cutout dresses, pastel co-ords, corsets and chiffon sleeves, Kaz has been serving looks this whole series. She was clearly the only person who vaguely understood the assignment on the 70s themed night – and she’s even giving us matching bonnets and PJs on a nightly basis. What more could we ask for?

Her Face At Every Elimination

'Love Island'/ITV

The islanders shocked faces around the fire pit at every dumping are always quite funny, but Kaz’s reactions just add that extra bit of spice. During Hugo’s speech calling out Toby for mistreating Chloe, for example, Kaz looked like her eyes were ready to pop out of her head! Yes, Kaz pulls some of the best looks – hers is a response to drama that I’m definitely here for.

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