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Aidan’s Ex-Wife In And Just Like That... Appeared In Sex And The City, Too

Rosemarie DeWitt also has an IRL connection to one of Carrie’s most controversial exes.

John Corbett and Sarah Jessica Parker on 'And Just Like That...' Photo via Max
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Much to the delight of fans, And Just Like That... Season 2 has brought back several characters from the original Sex and the City run: from John Corbett as Aidan himself, to Candice Bergen as Carrie’s Vogue boss, Enid. And of course, there’s the highly anticipated return of Kim Cattrall as Samantha slated for the end of the season.

However, the Max series isn’t just welcoming back familiar characters — it’s also repurposing actors who had smaller parts during the original series, too. For example, Carrie’s bicyclist fling, George, was played by Peter Hermann, who previously played a Yale alum who hit on Charlotte in Season 6. And the Aug. 10 episode of And Just Like That... introduced viewers to Aidan’s ex-wife, Kathy, who is played by Rosemarie DeWitt.

Yes, DeWitt was also in Sex and the City! In fact, it’s one of her earliest credits. DeWitt played Fern, one of Miranda’s colleagues at the law firm, in the Season 6 episode “Hop, Skip, and a Week.” Fern is present during a meeting about Miranda’s performance and punctuality after having Brady — and she calls Miranda out with a passive-aggressive smile. “Actually, you’ve been late rather frequently,” she says. “There was the deposition last Tuesday, and the motion hearing last Friday. And you left early on Monday.”


“Way to watch my back, Fern,” Miranda says.

As it turns out, DeWitt’s bit part — which aired 20 years ago this summer — isn’t her only connection to the world of Sex and the City. She is married to Ron Livingston, who played Carrie’s former flame and fellow writer, Jack Berger. The episode DeWitt appears in is actually the infamous ending to Carrie and Berger’s relationship, with Berger announcing his departure by Post-it Note: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

DeWitt and Livingston didn’t cross paths while filming Sex and the City. According to People, they met a few years later on the set of Fox’s Standoff instead. But it’s still hilarious that DeWitt has connections to both of Carrie’s most significant exes, albeit in very different ways.

Also, could this pave the way for Berger to return to And Just Like That...? Several viewers have expressed their hope for a comeback — and hey, if DeWitt had a good time playing Kathy, maybe she’d recommend a guest spot to her IRL husband!

In a recent piece for Bustle, Dana Schwartz even theorized what Berger might be up to today. “I imagine he ended up writing a few incredibly well-received pieces of long-form journalism for Vanity Fair and a short story published in Ploughshares and lives with a cat on the Upper West Side,” she wrote. “I bet he’s been in therapy, and not in a creepy, using-therapy-speak-to-be-abusive way.”