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Gillian & Tommy’s Temptation Island Relationship Really Is Over

At the reunion, the once-couple kept their distance.

by Kadin Burnett
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Gillian Lieberman kisses Tommy Soltis in 'Temptation Island' Season 4.
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The fourth season of Temptation Island delivered on its promises of messiness. Though couples like Ash and Hania and Lascelles and Ashley have already seen their relationships seriously tested by the island’s singles, one of the season’s most scandalous love connections developed between Gillian and Tommy. Obviously, the major reason the singles are there is to cause drama, but what happens when one islander actually begins to catch feelings? Are Gillian and Tommy together after Temptation Island?

Gillian arrived on the island with her boyfriend of three years, Edgar. Usually, couples come on the show in an attempt to solidify their relationship, but that may not have been the case for the college sweethearts. Early on in the season, Gillian stated that she wanted to know what being single in her early 20s would be like. Her intentions became even more evident when she shared a conversation with the show’s host, Mark L. Walberg (not that one — different spelling).

“I feel like I’m a bad person and I feel like I’ve been dishonest with myself and in turn dishonest with Edgar,” she told Walberg. When the host asked what she was being dishonest about she responded, “That I… want a future with Edgar.”

Not long after, both members of the couple started forming connections with some of the singles: Edgar with Marissa, and Gillian with Tommy. During one of Edgar and Marissa’s quieter moments, he revealed that he and Gillian should’ve been celebrating a milestone together. “It feels really weird to be on a date with another girl on my three-year anniversary,” he said. “I wanted to so badly to spend this three-year anniversary with her, but now that I’m here, there’s no reason for me to be sad without her.”

Elsewhere things between Tommy and Gillian had already begun heating up. “Tommy and I have been getting super close, and I felt comfortable with letting him sleep in my bed,” she told the cameras. “But I don’t know him well enough and I also don’t want to do that to Edgar.” She did, however, begin to cross boundaries, sharing both a bed and a kiss with Tommy. “He’s a pretty good kisser and I enjoyed the kiss,” she admitted, before also revealing, “I have definitely formed a connection with Tommy. He’s very different than what I’m used to.”

Things began to unravel further during a bonfire ceremony when Edgar began to tear up after watching Gillian getting intimate with Tommy. “I don’t know Gillian, I don’t know who she is now and I don’t want that anymore,” he said. When it was Gillian’s turn at the bonfire she got to watch one of Edgar’s confessionals. “Gillian, what the f*ck,” he said. “If you’re not in this, why the f*ck did you drag me all this way? I love you. But, if you don’t love me, then leave me alone. Leave me the f*ck alone.”

To say their relationship was on the rocks was an understatement. And all the while, Gillian still had Tommy to fall back on, despite the fact that he, too, had expressed some doubts about the likelihood of their relationship actually working out. And it sounds like Tommy may have been right, especially after Gillian began adding posts to a saved story on her Instagram.

In a joking video, Gillian asked her followers if she would be better off with Tommy or rapper Tory Lanez. In another post, she said that she ultimately still has stronger feelings for Edgar than Tommy, being that she and Tommy are still getting to know each other, whereas she and Edgar have several years’ worth of history. Gillian also teased that despite everyone’s expectations, audiences would be surprised by the ending.

Fans did ultimately discover the surprise that Gillian had been teasing on social media during the season finale. Despite speculation as to who Gillian might end up with, her ultimate choice was to choose no one. Her future with Tommy never quite gained enough momentum to overcome the “logistical” problems the couple would often refer to, not to mention that Tommy was adamant that he wasn’t interested in doing long distance. With no romantic futures to pursue, Gillian opted to leave the island by herself.

At the reunion, Gillian and Tommy were cordial, but both of them reiterated that they have not attempted to rekindle their relationship after the show. Judging by their social media, both also appear to be very single, with Gillian posting photos from Ultra in Miami, and Tommy posting photos traveling the world.

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