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Everything To Know About Steven & Calah’s Relationship After Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer

Steven was revealed as a true millionaire in the season finale.

Everything To Know About Steven & Calah’s Relationship After 'Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer....
Wilford Harewood/FOX

Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer aired its season finale on March 10, and while one lucky woman ended up with a millionaire partner, another hopeful single learned her pick was a normie. A revival of Fox’s early-aughts reality hit Joe Millionaire, the series follows a group of women vying for the love of either two men — both of whom claim to be millionaires, though one is faking it. Contestant Amanda Pace learned Kurt Sowers wasn’t overflowing with cash in the finale, and Calah Jackson ended up with actual millionaire Steven McBee. Considering production on For Richer Or Poorer wrapped in fall 2021, here’s what we know about Steven and Calah’s current relationship status.

In a new interview with HollywoodLife, Steven and Calah revealed the moment they realized they wanted to be together while filming For Richer Or Poorer. “When Calah came to my hometown and met my family. I looked over, and she was just razzing my brothers. They were giving it right back to her. They were playing beer pong,” he told the publication. “Right then, I was like, ‘OK, she fits with the family so well. This is it for sure.’”

Calah echoed the millionaire contestant’s thoughts. “I didn’t have to be on whenever I was with his family. It reminded me a lot of my own family,” she said. “After meeting his family, that’s when I definitely knew.”

Since filming the final episode, during which Steven presented Calah with a promise ring, the couple has remained together. They currently reside in Gallatin, Missouri, with plans to move to Kansas City within the next month. Speaking to HL, they both said it’s been difficult to hide their relationship for the past four months. “The good thing is I live in the middle of nowhere, so we were able to sneak her up here on some trips,” Steven explained. “But I’ve never been in a situation where I’m with someone, and I can’t tell anyone or post about it. It has made it pretty tough, but we’ve been able to build our relationship. We’re glad we’re through all that and can now let the world know.”

In another recent interview with TVInsider, Calah revealed whether or not finding out about Steven’s finances affected her perception of him. “We didn’t know what the show concept was until, I think, day three of filming, and so, that was never really on the forefront of my mind,” she said, noting she wanted to get to know both Steven and Kurt personally before making her decision. “I take things very slow anyway, and so, I think the show, how they have it set up, worked out really well.”

The pair also remains in touch with Steven’s fellow For Richer Or Poorer leading man. “Actually, this weekend we’re going back down to see him to celebrate the ending of Joe Millionaire,” Calah told HollywoodLife of Kurt. “We’re still very good friends.”

Now that their relationship has been going strong for a solid few months, it’s only natural to wonder if Steven and Calah plan to get engaged anytime soon. “We’re going to play it by ear and just see how things go,” Steven explained. “We’ve never been people that have rushed into anything. Even watching the show, y’all can see how guarded Calah is, and then I was even guarded myself. We’re just not going to rush into anything and overjump the gun.”