The Baby Shark Movie Will Star Cardi B, Offset, Their Kids & More Celebrities

Meet Sharki B and Offshark.

The 'Baby Shark' Movie Cast Stars Cardi B, Offset, Their Kids Kulture and Wave & More Celebrities

Future Oscars winners Kulture and Wave Set Cephus are starting their acting journeys early. Cardi B and Offset’s children will be making their film debut in Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark’s Big Movie, starring alongside their parents. The rapper revealed the family’s new venture on March 30, sharing a poster on Twitter about their family’s casting as well as one with the entire voice cast: “Happy to announce that me & my family will be in the BABY SHARKS BIG MOVIE!!!!”

The husband-wife duo and their 4-year-old daughter Kulture have actually appeared on Baby Shark’s Big Show! before — and will be reprising their guest roles as Sharki B, Offshark, and Kulture Sharki, respectively, for the movie. The trio even made their own song and dance for the series, “Seaweed Sway,” that’s just as catchy as the Baby Shark theme song. The couple’s 1-year-old son Wave will be joining the Shark Cinematic Universe as Wavey Shark for the first time.

The family joins the most unhinged voice cast that’s ever been assembled for an animated movie. Other stars include Ashley Tisdale as villainous pop star(fish) Stariana, Lance Bass as himself, K-pop group Enhypen as a beluga whale K-pop band, and Saturday Night Live stars Ego Nwodim and Chloe Fineman as Leah and Lannie, a mother-daughter duo that grows close to the Shark family.

Naturally, the series’ voice cast will all be returning for the movie, including Kimiko Glenn (Baby Shark), Luke Youngblood (William), Natasha Rothwell (Mommy Shark), Eric Edelstein (Daddy Shark), Debra Wilson (Grandma Shark), and Patrick Warburton (Grandpa Shark). According to PEOPLE, the film follows the family as they move to Chomp City, where Baby Shark runs into Stariana, a rising pop starfish who wants to steal his gift of music and become the Queen of Pop — at least underwater.

Cardi’s addition to Baby Shark’s world shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Just months after giving birth to Kulture in July 2018, the artist started using Baby Shark references on social media, showing off outfits on Instagram using the theme song, tweeting her own version of the addictive hook, and eventually having her daughter dancing to it in her rocking chair. She even threatened to revoke Kulture’s Baby Shark privileges when she acted up one time.

Clearly, Baby Shark is for more than just the kids.